The ever so cheerful and heartwarming movie, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na came out 12 years ago and here are some reasons for why we still love it.

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The movie defied stereotypes in a fresh fashion. Aditi was someone who wouldn’t take things lying down and would kick back at the slightest of inconvenience. She was our “Hindi Film” hero: bahar se sakth andar se softy. However, Jai was a sweet and a polite guy, ekdum humare cliche coy heroine types.

Honestly, it was so refreshing.

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Also how can we forget the perfect, borderline-dysfunctional, group of Rotlu, Jiggy, Bombs, Mala, Jai and Aditi. They were the cutest, I mean really, they took Radha’s funeral so seriously making Aditi realise ki “Raat ke Baad hi toh Savera hota hai” and were always there for each other. They set expectations, but not unreal. Ek tarfa pyaar and jealousy se leke finding the right person tak, this group stuck through. Iss group me meri college life expectation badha di thi but nevermind. Special shoutout to Jiggy, the cutest. Also I feel Shaleen had a huge crush on him.

Do you agree?

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The movie was a much needed relief from toxic masculinity, Jai was not reluctant into making breakfast or being a helping hand wherever possible. This shows us how Jai was a man far from entitlement. Making breakfast wasn’t a woman’s job and he didn’t deserve a thank you speech for doing something THAT basic. Love the way they explored masculinity throughout the film, he’s emotionally intelligent empathetic, doesn’t have bhoosa for a brain getting into unnecessary physical violence!

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Really, really liked Amit’s addition to the list of characters. Lowkey wanted more of Pratiek Babbar on screen. That scene between Amit & Aditi where he asks her “tujhe mera koi dost yaad hai? kyunki meri humesha ek hi dost thi. Mai dur nahi chala gaya, aur log aur zyada kareeb aagaye.” fuuuuck. itna attack. One thing that blew me was his creativity in quiet and the sheer knack of judging people. He knew who had to be tested and how. From Jai to Sushant, bhai ko sab pata tha. And kyun na hota? He loved his sister (despite the fights). Mujhe bhi aesa bhai chahiye. Also, kitna quarantine lifestyle tha before it was cool.

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She was just naïve and dealing with her own issues. And not gonna lie, she was actually pretty fun and understanding, and she definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate you guys throw at her. The way Jai broke up with her was brutal.

“Jay, what’s this? it’s a goodbye” And I’m cry.

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“Everyone’s a gansta until Kahin Toh plays”. Yes, don’t fight me on this. Truly, main ek simp baby ki tarah bagal mein baethke roti hu with income Flashbacks from my Grade 2 heartbreak. Plus all the other songs including Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, Nazre Churana, are too amazing man. Special mention to the underrated Jane Tu Mera Kya Hai, Tu Bole Main

Bolu. Feels. Incredible feels.

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Also, the fact that the movie made parody out of 2 really basic, “main hi asli mard hu” guys with leather jackets, shades, and obv unsolicited remarks, t’was probably why we understood the sheer genuinity (um is this a word?) of Jai. Obviously, we didn’t like them one bit but it compensated kyunki aakhir mein unka hi ghoda toh Jai ko Aditi se milta hai. AND guilty pleasure laughs at “Chaatna hai toh icecream leke aa” & other stupid shit they say lol.

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And the most Bollywood ending ever!!!! Peak drama, peak emotions, peak funny. And I’m not complaining one bit. “Sir, um, terrorist humare kabze mei hai.. aur who meow meow kar raha hai” HAHAHA. I’ve watched it a bunch of times and I still laugh like a dumbass.

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12 years and still the same charm, this love story of Aditi and Jai feels too real to be a movie and the friendships in this movie caste the same magic even today.