JL50 starring Abhay Deol is streaming now on SonyLIV and it is India’s first sci-fi web series based on time travel and to be honest it’s a big, much-needed step in this genre *fanboy noises*

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If there’s one genre that’s been constantly ignored by Indian filmmakers more than how my crush ignores me, it’s scifi. Matlab, I can LITERALLY count on my fingers kitni scifi indian films aayi hai.

But times, they are a-changin’. With the rise of streaming platforms, we’re seeing absolutely killer content that I couldn’t ever have imagined being made in India a few years back. And I’m kinda sorta proud tbh.

Finally, we’ve one on time travel as well.

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Starring Abhay friggin’ Deol, JL50 is the story of a plane that mysteriously crashes on a hill with only two survivors – the pilots. Who, on being questioned, get shocked learning they are in 2019!

(bhai, 200-300 zyada lelo, mujhe bhi 2019 mei crash kara do pls)

Basic plot of the 4 episode series

  • Here’s the catch catch. On investigating, they find out the plane actually took off from Kolkata in 1984 that is 35 years back, and now out of nowhere, it’s crashed here leaving everyone bsolutely MINDFORKED.
  • They also find a professor of quantum physics, who had bought the ticket for JL50 but never boarded the plane.


Other than Abhay Deol, adding more flavour to the series, we have fine actors like Pankaj Kapur (our very own Musaddilal from office office!) & Piyush Mishra (Jordan ko Prague yahi leke gaye the) as scientists and Rajesh Sharma.

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It’s already streaming. I haven’t watched it yet myself (aaj raat ke plans), But from what I’ve heard about it so far, people are digging the time travel connect with Indian mythology! It’s obviously no Dark or Interstellar (waisi expectations rakh ke judge mat karna), but it’s definitely a huge step in the right direction.

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