To end this long pending decision that has kept students on the edge since the start of the pandemic, the Supreme Court dismissed the plea for postponing / cancelling JEE and NEET exams. The exams are going to happen as per schedule i.e JEE Main 2020 is ongoing from September 1-6 and the NEET 2020 is to be conducted on September 13.

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Kapil Sibal stated, that exams taking place would not be a great idea but as we are left with no other options and apparently due to non- avoidable situations, they’ve set in a couple of fresh set of guidelines, which would be helpful. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Disciplinary Protocols and guidelines

  • Go through your admit card details PROPERLY and re-read it some 5-6 times.
  • As these are exams that are taking place only in few areas, it’s a compulsion to go there before hand i.e an hour earlier, so as to wind up with all the registration process.
  • The admit card would be scanned by the staff before checking in and the students are asked to wash their hands thoroughly, with soap and apply sanitizer just before entering, only after which they would be directed to their allocations respectively.
  • Students concerned to JEE aptitude test are asked to bring geometry boxes and whatever needed to fill the attendance sheet and stick the photograph in the designated area mentioned there.
  • As per the guide lines issued by health security please remember to dispose used gloves and masks, in a pedal push covered bin.
  • As the government is taking too many precautions, all the students would be given a three ply mask, and are asked to wear that fresh mask.
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A checklist for the things you need to take along                   

  • Admit card which is filled entirely but unsigned.
  • Transparent ballpoint pen, no gel/ink.
  • Government ID proof.
  • Additional passport size photograph (keep 2, just in case)
  • PwD certificate (only if applicable), and any other documents if mentioned.
  • Drawing utensils, like geometry box, pencils, erasers, color pencils or crayons, included only for B.Arch students. Basic stuff, so just remember.


Oh and also the new corona essentials

  • Apna mask + gloves
  • A 50 ml bottle of Personal hand sanitizer
  • Transparent water bottle with no labels on it
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A checklist for the things you should NOT take along

  • Of course the electronic devices, jewelry, and other personal belonging.
  • Handbags, shoes, footwear with thick wedges, and garments with large buttons.
  • No fancy pouches or geometry boxes are allowed.
  • No chits or bits of extra blank paper, rough sheets will be given at all the centers
  • Cardboards or exam-pads are also not allowed in many centers.

Yeh sab toh, y’all would know but exam stress mei we tend to forget it, so keep these in mind, double- check karne mei kuch nahi jaata hai !


Travelling is an issue?

Well, some states like Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are providing the candidates transportation facility, while on the other hand a group of IIT alumni and students have also launched a portal to provide transportation facilities to exam centers, only for those in need.

Also, today the Education Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal has drafted to all the Chief Ministers to look into this area in a wider manner so as to bring in an efficient solution, which would help students travel to the required placement.



You guys just remember they have a very different seating arrangement as well, kaafi social distancing while seating so do not go there with hopes of copying ya kuch bhi cuz. Khud pe bharosa rakho xD

In these past few months, there has been news flashing monotonously about when these exams would happen, kabhi prepone ya postpone. We know kaafi hopeless and helpless feel ho raha hoga to see that the government is still going ahead with competitive exams like JEE and NEET, but is time try, it’ll be tough but TRY to not let that frustration and angst get in the way of all your hard-work and preparations till date.