One of the prime competitive examination occurring amid the pandemic, JEE is the first exam which started from September 1st would proceed until September 6th .

In relation with the data being released on Thursday, by the Union Education Ministry (Ramesh Pokhriyal), approximately around 1,14,563 students did not appear for the exam,

Number of students Registered– 4,58,521

Number of students who attended– 3,43,958



Reason behind the deacrease-

  • Well, we all know the sensationalism of Covid and its effects. It’s been a roller coaster ride for most of the families. But the fear of people, especially parents which give enough of justice to the reduction, says it all.
  • The demand for the dire in change of dates, which finally came to an end now with the supreme court order in regard.
  • Also this very well assumes significance as many of the students had been demanding for the postponement of exams, citing financial, and health issues, to which we can relate the drastic difference to.
  • As it began from Tuesday this week even during when our country’s number of people being affected is on a rapid increase.


Ramesh Pokhriyal tweeted the attendance sheet, wishing us all the luck for future endeavors. He also added, it was ‘heart whelming’ to look at students appear for the exam in spite of the reasons on giving up.

The NTA (National Testing Agency), said that the examinations would be held according to the scheduled timetable which was released only in the interest of the students.

Along with protests and petitions which highlighted to logistical problems being processed about the postponement of the exams like JEE and NEET it was finally decided to withhold the exams in these dates even though there were around at least eight states; Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, Odisha, and West Bengal, who had to plead a request to the Union Government and some and few of them had spoken to the Prime Minister for Postponing the exams, even more, considerably for around 6-8 weeks. This was due to the number of cases increasing in their states and natural calamities like floods occurring in parts of the country like in Odisha, Bihar, and Assam. The NTA dismissed all the requests about the postponement even though.


Precautions adhered to-

The NTA giving this the first preference to has taken at most care of the students, which includes:

  1. Increase in number of examination centers.
  2. Variety of alternative seating plans.
  3. A pretty much staggered entry at every entrance and exit for a minimum number of students.
  4. The number of centers increased were from 570 to 660.
  5. Hand sanitizers were given at very few time intervals and were kept in most of the places to remain sanity.
  6. Barcode readers were given instead of the usual admit cards being checked.

Also, as a matter of fact, around 9 lakh students had registered for JEE mains so as to get into engineering universities, NIT’s , IIT’s and (CFTIs) Centrally Funded Technical Institutions.

Hope the next few days go by smoothly for the students, the parents and everyone involved.