We all dream of a life as cool as Jake, but which Jake Peralta’s friend reminds you of your own friends?

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Rosa Diaz

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A badass friend like Rosa, who is as soft as a ballerina from inside but as tough as, well, Rosa from outside!

They hate everyone, except a few people including you. It might not feel that way when they make fun of you but it comes from a place of love and you know it so you don’t mind it either. Their way of showing love is saying “I don’t hate you that much” lol. They don’t talk much, but when they speak, you know it’s worth listening to.

Terry Crew

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A friend like Terry who can easily lift huge weights on his shoulders, be it of the gym or life problems, but still be there to help you and lift you up when in need, no matter what

Terry loves love and Terry will love you as one of his yogurt with the shine in his eyes. He is the friend you’d call and talk for advice at 3am if you’re going through a break up. Except, Terry will get more emotional thank you!

Gina Linetti

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A friend who is human form of 100 emoji!

They know your weirdest childhood secrets and your stupid embarrassing stories, but they also don’t judge you cuz you know the same about them. They’re like your family cuz bachpan se jante ho. Also sometimes they’re sass queen from top to bottom. The one friend who believes in themselves so much that the energy around them makes you a believer in everything too.

The one friend who has your back, even if theirs is broken. Hehe. (Honk honk, truck accident, come on B99 fans)

Amy Santiago

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A cutie friend whose idea of happiness is going to a stationery shop and buying planners, pens & sticky notes! They are so, so, so, so smart that sometimes you wonder why they still choose to be friends with a dumbass, single brain-celled human like you.

They deserve all the best things in the world. Period! 🙂

Captain Holt

“Parampara-pratishta-anushasan” We definitely need a father- friend, I mean friend like Holt who can guide us through the rule book of life, point to point, if we ever deviate. Wise owl of your life.

Holt is the nerd friend who has a goofy side only known to his closest friend or their partner. You might have difference of opinions and preferences but like they say, opposites attract- you’d find yourself trying to hang out with them, the most. Also he is the one friend in the group with a dog’ and everyone loves having their dog around.

Charles Boyle

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A friend like Boyle- your ride and die! Your best friend who take so much pride in you that it’s unreal. It’s like winning a trophy for just being YOU.

His social media would be filled with pictures with/of you. You guys would have so many memories together and silly code words that no one else can ever figure out. He would be your best man at your wedding and plan the best bachelor’s party you could ever think of. He would constantly find your potential partner and ship you guys together. He’s not a friend, he’s your brooooo!


Hitchcock and Scully

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The friends you’d love to chill with and chill only. No pressure, no hard talk- not even a small talk is required. It’s all about eating the best food and binge watching TV and vibing together! Also, everyone knows two friends who come in a pair/package, that’s it- that’s them.

Doug Judy

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Y’all thought i forgot? Doug Judy is the friend you see once or twice in a year but you still pick up from where you left off and have the BEST TIME EVER! Even with the distance and you not being aware of each other’s whereabouts much, you stil can’t help but accept that they are like your best friend.

They’re just so fun to be around with, that you’ll wait every year to meet them just for a while.

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