Censor Board of India doesn’t have a great track record at letting Hollywood films pass without playing knife with them, but it seems like they have also stepped up their game for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker that’s hitting the theaters next week.

People were expecting a bunch of cut scenes given all the conversation about it being extremely disturbing and that it might encourage violence in the real world.

But according to a report by Times of India, CBFC has decided to a put smile on our faces as they cleared the film with ‘A’ certificate, without any cut scenes.


However, there’s still two mutes in the film. Which, I think, is fine, audience in India is probably accustomed to it now anyway. Watch the trailer for Joker, if you still haven’t.

Also, if you somehow missed the big news, Joker is releasing next Wednesday, on 2nd October, head to head with Bollywood’s War starring two big actors. It’s gonna be interesting to see how that turns out given the hype for Joker, after it received a huge standing ovation at the Venice film festival.

Two films about violence on this year’s Gandhi Jayanti. Nice. Bapu will be proud lol.