Actor Irrfan Khan put out a message during the release of Angrezi Medium. No one had imagined, it would be his last. He said, ‘Mai aaj aapke saath hoon bhi aur nahi bhi’. We didn’t know it would get to this. Not only has this shattered us but has made us believe that life is an unpredictable as it gets aur kabhi bhi kuch bhi hojaata hai, humme pata bhi nahi chalta.

It’s a grieving day for all of us. We have lost a gem, a man who had changed the industry and was capable of much much more. Here are some memorable roles of the actor, the man who created a niche. The man himself.


The Lunchbox

In the cacophony of massy cinema; there came a performance that silenced all; a performance that was an art house, that created a havoc, a storm. Saajan Fernandes, was a widower nearing his retirement. He stood by an orphan, he was a man of his words and high principal. He made us believe that letters could get people to fall in love. Irrfan portrayed the conflict of the character with utmost perfection; this being one of the greatest works.



Slumdog Millionaire

There are some actors who don’t need to hog on to the maximum screen time to create an impact, Irrfan being one of them. He played a police inspector in Slumdog Millionaire. His walk, his expressions, everything pointed towards just one thing; pure excellence.



Shakespeare is one of the most complex writers of all time, and to play his protagonist in an adaptation is not easy. Irrfan portrayed Macbeth and the layers of his character with magnificence. It was a crime thriller film which gained immense critical acclaim and was appreciated at the global level.


Angrezi and Hindi Medium

Angrezi Medium will be a film that will be fondly remembered as Irrfan’s last performance. In both the films he plays a man struggling with the English language trying to make ends meet. He performs his parts with humor and wit. Sometimes all you do is look at that man and think how he can switch so effortlessly between all kinds of roles.



Irrfan plays the owner of taxi company who ends up taking a difficult daughter and father on a longgg road journey. Rana is charmed by Piku, and it’s not a very out there fact. It was subdued in the beauty of his art. His ‘desi’ vibe is perfect on the screen and the conversations between him and Amitabh show a pure and humorous chemistry.


Paan Singh Tomar

The man who we saw as police cop in a film ends up playing a gangster/athlete in another and aces it. The movie is a biopic and the only man who could do justice to the athlete’s life, who later turned into a rebel, was Irrfan. He is ruthless and perfect throughout the film.


New York

Irrfan plays a strong intelligent FBI officer, who’s fighting against terrorism and islamophobia at the same time. The film was a multi star cast but Irrfan shone all the way. In some scenes we see him break free from the rigidity of the cop and sharing his true feelings while in others; he’s a tough man impossible to get through. The movie shows him in two extremes, and he showcases both flawlessly.


Life in a Metro

Irrfan plays Monty, a simple and socially inept man looking to marry. The girl he meets ends up rejecting him at first but what follows is pure Irrfan magic. With his smile and genuine portrayal of a truthful man; their love blossoms. The movie has a lot of actors, but it will be fair to say he’s the best out of them ALL.


The Namesake

The movie is an adaptation of a book. Irrfan plays a migrant who struggles with his child, who turns into a lazy and pot smoking teenager. Irrfan showcases the plight of a father perfectly. His scenes with Tabu are also sparkling.


Lastly, I refuse to believe this has happened to all of us. He was a man with extreme caliber and we can only look on to say that we have been incredibly lucky to witness him. Also, art never dies. He is going to stay with us forever, forever.