If you’re reading this, you’ve been shortlisted. Yay!




What do I need to write about?

Trending news, curated stories from Twitter, Reddit, Instagram or any social media, entertainment listicles, bollywood, pop culture, movie reviews, etc. The most important thing is the human touch to your posts, should be hilarious and slightly informal.. like the way you talk to your friends. If you’re an internet junkie, you probably know what I’m talking about. But I’ll still attach a few category samples here:


Pop culture:




Entertainment curation: 


Trending Stories:


Or basically anything relatable or funny stuff people would like to read.


You can also hunt down videos that are different and funny. Standups work the best.


How do I make it attractive and fun to read?

We don’t need to tell you how important photos are these days, but with recent change in social media, memes have become an important way to attract and make audience read your stories. Gifs make the page heavy, so only 1 gif per post is allowed. If you lift something off the internet, make sure to give the due credits. Time to meme up!


source: tumblr


Can I choose my own categories?

Of course, you can. But in the beginning, posts will be assigned to you based on your interests. Later you can pitch in new post ideas.


Okay, but how frequently do I need to write?

Well, you can write as many posts as you want without compromising on the quality. But we expect at least 3-4 posts a week. You can choose your area of interest, or if you wanna switch to different categories, that’s also fine by us.


What’s the word limit?
That depends on what you’re writing about, really. The more, the better. But let’s just say 300 words is minimum.



What you need to do right now?

If you’ve already attached your previous work samples that are relevant to this job, that’s great. We’ll reach out to you. But if you’re a newbie or haven’t done this sort of work before but are an internet junkie at heart, just send us a sample write-up on any of those categories we discussed above and attach relevant photos and catchy headline, so our editors can evaluate and get back to you with result. Hit us with your best shot!


If you have any questions or troubles, or whatever, just shoot us a message or mail, or whatsApp on 9582153120, we’re super fast with replies. Hope you have a good time here!