Marvel just dropped the trailer for its upcoming animated movie – Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse and it looks visually stunning.

There’s a lot more to the spider-man than just Peter Parker. “In your universe, there’s only one spider-man, but there’s another universe. It looks and sounds like yours, but it’s not,” narrates Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore), a teenage kid who’s being mentored how to be spider-man by a very different version of Peter Parker (voiced by Jake Johnson). Miles Morales is the first ever non-white iteration of Spider-man.

Trailer also shows a glimpse of Spider-Gwen. A yet another iteration of famous character Gwen Stacy.

Watch the trailer here

It’s all good and everything, but the best part of the trailer is its animation style. I personally haven’t seen an animation style as beautifully stunning as this one. Bright colors blended with comic book style animation that will have you mesmerized at every frame.

Movie is set to release this Christmas. All. Aboard. The. Hype. Train.