We all just wanted one feature on Instagram’s DM and that was – replying to individual messages, other than that getting done with the conversations by just liking the last message feature ne life ko simple bana rakha tha, but nope! Mark Zuckerberg ko life mei kuch daring karne ka tha and to shake things up, Instagram’s new update is full of new features and TOO MANY COLORS (quite literally), that NO ONE ASKED FOR.

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There’s a new way to message on Instagram and there are different aesthetic themes present in it once the user selects the ‘update’ option.

The new cross messaging feature-

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In India starting from today the Insta DM (direct messages) is merging with the messenger app which allows IG users from India to chat with FB friends without leaving the app. Basically, Instagram users will be able to send messages to contacts on Messenger and vice versa. 

Aesthetic themes and colours update-

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The update also brings in chat replies, colours, gradients and different themes, namely; halloween theme, colours like berry, candy, unicorn, tropical, maple, sushi, rocket, citrus, lollipop, shadow, rose, lavender, tulip, classic, apple, peach, honey, kiwi, ocean and grape. 

Other Changes

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The new features include, create selfie stickers, colour of the chat-box is changed, react with emojis and many more features to explore. If users opt for cross messaging then they will see the messenger icon replaced with the Insta one on the top right corner in Instagram DM’s. 

But tweeps did not like this update and the meme shower is reaching new heights for the oh so glossy themes:

Haan ji yeh sab kaafi exciting hai try karne ke liye (not really though) but FB ne pehle se hi kaafi hint diye the as they slyly revamped messengers logo with gradient bluish- pink, earlier this month, making it more like Instagram.