Childhood was that time of sheer innocence and kuch bhi karlo vo sabko dikhne mei cute hi lagta tha. So here’s me recalling some of those bachkaani harkatein 🙂



  • Mixed frooti with pepsi until it looked like daaru.

And then pretended to be bhand because aaj toh kaafi nashe hogye broooo.


  • Everytime we saw a plane, train or a helicopter, we made sure to say bye bye to it.

We grew up watching Border, ok? hume lagta tha they can see us waving at them.

  • When someone said dard ho raha hai, we asked them where & kissed that place of ache hoping it will get healed now.

We thought pyaara sa gesture was cure for all kinds of ache 🙂


  • Make a car with all the pillows in our house & closed the pillow-made gate thinking ye gaon mera aur mai is gaon ka jaykant shikre & pretend to do shady adult things inside.

Until obv mom came and said nalayak pillow de sona hai mujhe.*Chhan se jo tute koi pillow ghar*


  • Did the thumb-in-mouth Abba gesture when we liked someone, & did Katta when they fucked up.

No drama, no bullshit. It’s simple. Can we bring this back pls.

  • While taking a shower, we blocked the drain so thoda sa paani ikatha hojayega bathroom mei & sat down in our 0.1 ft deep home-made water jacuzzi & pretended aaj toh kaafi zyada swimming karli yaar.



  • Put magnet on your TV just to see if it also sticks to glass but it didn’t and rainbow colors aur aa gaaye TV screen pe and then mast pitai hui papa se.

No?? just me?? ok.


  • Made our very own fighter jet plane with a pen and a scale, & even made background sounds of SWAT Kats while flying it around.

Sometimes also invented dragons and monsters and saved the city once again.

  • When a train passed at a railway fatak, we counted out loud the exact number of “dabbes.” Also, sometimes said bye bye to people sitting inside.

Uss time bahut sense banta thi is baat ki.


As far as I keep going from that age, that much more I wish to return to those days.

Bachpan ki baat hi kuch aur thi !