In such bleak times, we do needs songs that give us a feeling of happiness, makes us heal. Songs that help us in keeping our thoughts straight and to make us fall asleep on time than sitting up and overthinking our lives over and over again. Here, listing some songs for


Dhoondti Firaan by The Yellow Diary, Akasa Singh

It’s the kind of a song you discover and listen to it on loop literally 24×7 until you start hating it. Akasa’s voice feels like magic in this.


Patang by Umer Farooq

This beautiful song is perfect for your lockdown days when you feel alone at home but still kinda sorta don’t want to talk to anyone.

Love it. And that raat ke teen baje wali line hits different.


Tu Hoti Toh by Bharat Chauhan

The kind of song that makes you fall in love with a person you’ve net even met yet. Listen to its music video.

It’s weird, trippy, beautiful and it deserves so much more appreciation. Pls go watch it.


Kya Tum Naraaz Ho? by Tanmaya Bhatnagar

Bahot hi sundar hai and it’s sad not many people have heard it.

You can fall asleep to it 🙂


Khush Toh Hai Na by Osho Jain

Step 1: play this song.

Step 2: cry your eyes out

There’s no step 3. If you’re missing someone, it will comfort you 🙂


Duur Hai Wo by Deepak Rathore Project

You can do it one, you learn to it for days. And you always connect more.

A+ avaaz, A+ lyrics.


Baarishein by Anuv Jain

No matter what you’re going through you will always find yourself relating yourself to this song. This song celebrates separation in the most beautiful way.


Shaayad by Taba Chake

Imagine the lockdown la over and you’re somewhere in the mountains eating hils wall maggi and listening to this song. Its comforting.


Raati Aya Si Khayal by Shamoon Ismail

This is a dope lounge song.

If you want lounge fails at home just play this song and turn up the volume of your speaker.


Listening to all of them on a loop? Same!