Along with roz ka cartoon and drama, Indian TV shows had us hooked and even today here are some of those shows that I find myself going back to for re-runs !

in photo the star caste of the show best of luck nikki taking a selfie



Mom, What is the problem is the? Park mein karte hai walking is the. There’s no show that did PJs better than this one. Special mention to Chandramukhi Chautala for keeping a straight face the entire time.


Mahi Way

in photo, mahi talking on ohone from the show Mahi way

A lot of people might not remember this show. It was on the life of a journalist Mahi who wrote a column on life and positivity, but lived a very contrary life. It was a show ahead of its times, and I still binge watch it when I am feeling very low on life. Siddharth Karnick and Viraf Patel are McSteamy and McDreamy, but Pushtii Shakti battles body image issues and low self esteem issues way before it was cool and a topic of discussion and way better than Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty.

If you haven’t known or seen it, please do. It’s just so wholesome. (Available on Netflix).



in photo the three female leads from the show shararat wearing crowns

Easily one of the best shows to have come out on Indian TV. So I glad I grew up watching inn-bring-saravaling! Farida Jalal makes the best nani in the world, or you could just watch the show for Shanti Aunty and Pam!

It’s my comfort show!


Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

in phoo the whole caste of the tv show sarabhai vs sarabhai

I’ll explain like Dushyant, when Madhusudan Phupha does ‘Hain?’ to Roshesh’s What are you saying?’ You read it like they say it na? That’s how iconic the show is. There has been no show that even comes close to Sarabhai. I’m personally disappointed when Hotstar cancelled its Take 2.


Baa, Bahoo aur Baby

in photo the whole star caste of the indian tv show baa bahoo aur baby

Same characters, same level of crazy as the OG Khichdi but just a lot more characters and more fun, in my opinion. If Khichdi wasn’t your jam, there’s a chance you might like this show more.

Office Office

in photo musaddi lal from the indian tv show office office

We have the OG in town! watching Musadilal travel pillar to post for the most minuscule things ever. With stereotyped characters and my favourite Patel Sahab doing ‘do baatein’, the series is a fun binge-able watch.


Best of Luck, Nikki

in show the star caste of the show best of luck nikki

An Indian version of the American sitcom Good Luck Charlie, the sitcom is a hilarious watch with the adorable Nikki, Dolly (Sheena Bajaj) has a tough time raising her sibling. A similar watch is Suite Life of Zack and Cody or Karan and Kabir.

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Kya Mast hai Life

in show the yound star caste from the show kya mast hai life posing for a photo

Thoda exaggerated college life, but real issues with real people. Special mention to fetus Shweta Tripathi and Shaheer Sheikh playing their adorable self. Written by Tanmay Bhat, and all the songs by Aasma.


Oh and did I mention,


in photo the whole star caste of the show khichdi posing for a family photo

This because… seriously? I’ll have to tell you why?

Gonna stay busy today searching for all the best of these on YouTube now !