The Office is probably one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, and you don’t mess with something that’s already perfect, but here we are.

Last year, Aditya Birla Group’s Applause Entertainment had acquired the rights to the format of BBC Worldwide’s mockumentary sitcom ‘The Office’ at a showcase event in Liverpool. To which Ricky Gervais, the writer of the original show, had said on Twitter, “I’m always excited and flattered to see remakes of my work, particularly as I’ve ended the David Brent saga now with ‘Life on the Road,’ but when a country with a population of over a billion has a version I’m hoping for big ratings.”

Every fan’s nightmare came to life yesterday when Hotstar officially announced the Indian remake of ‘The Office’ with an actual 1 minute trailer. Apparently, desi remake has Michael Scott’s character (played by Steve Carell in the US series) turn into Jagdeep Chaddha (played by Mukul Chadda), a the clueless Punjabi manager of a paper company ‘Wilkins Chawla’ situated in Faridabad, NCR.

According to the reports, the show has 15 characters in total, and it stars big names like Mukul Chadda, Gopal Dutt, Gauhar Kham and Mallika Dua.

However, the trailer didn’t land too well with the fans, and I’m not even surprised. People think it’s a disaster and they are already making petitions to stop it from going live, and like, same, y’all. Here are some of the tweets from the collective meltdown people are having on the Indian corner of the internet.









You can watch the trailer on Hotstar.