Chubhti jalti garmi ka mausam aaya but not to worry ‘coz we got these COOL summer drinks to get us through every summer season.



Nimboo Paani

The undisputed king of summer drinks!  No words can ever justify how PRECIOUS Nimboo Paani is. Kisi bhi time pi lo, it’s like body ka right-click-refresh-button select ho gaya ho. I guess, after the invention of 0 , nimboo paani is the best thing to have come out of India.

(Ok, yes, Shikanji also)


Rooh Afza

The oldest summer drink ever made in India ! Can you smell the sweet rosy fragrance through the photo? This drink is like a blessing from our purvaj to survive summers. If you haven’t drank it pretending you’re a vampire drinking blood then you have wasted your childhood, sorry.


Lassi and chaach

The health minister of summer drinks. Meethi lassi, feeki lassi, masala chaach, buttermilk, etc etc are not just flavors but MOODS. One glass chugged with lunch and ek dum neend ke nashe ho jaate hai by god.


Jal jeera

The OG of summer drinks !!!!!!!

Matlab masala jal jeera is amazing and all but it hits different when you add pudina and boondi in it. Green color wala jaljeera also works wonders. Also, can we just appreciate jal jeera masala. It literally makes everything everything taste better ! If you eat is aise hi, you are not alone. 


Glucon- D 

The shaktiman of summer drinks. Drinking this actually feels like ki kisi ne battery charger se connect kardiya ho. Alag level ki instant energy milit hai.  And bachpan mei, to carry it around everywhere in a Milton ki steel ki bottle was a different kind of swag!


Aam Panna

And award for the most underrated summer drink goes to…

So much mehnat is required in making it but the exclusive tangy & fulfilling taste is all worth it. Aur home-made aam panna ka taste is so unique that no ready to mix vaala pouch can ever match it.


Khus- Khus

The weirdest summer drink (??)

It looks like some magic potion right out of a fantasy TV series with a mysterious khushboo and once you start drinking it, there is no going back. The only word to describe its taste is its own name. Khus Khus.



Nothing here just nostalgia poured in a glass. Be it the 2 rs vaala pouch or that 2 litre vaala box, ghar pe aate hi do din mei khatam ho jaata hai. It comes in infinite flavors and everyone has their own personal fav. Aur shaam ko khel ke aane ke baad, a glass of rasna… dem days.


Thanda Paani

Like Geet said, ” Cola Shoda sab apni jageh pe hai, aur paani ka kaam paani hi karta hai.” So go & hydrate yourself right now. Also, is it weird that I think water tastes better in steel ka glass than glass ka glass ?


These drinks truly serve the purpose of amrit in the scorching heat rage of India and there is no day that goes without them.

Stay hydrated !