A simple dal roti combination can be quirked up and make you drool when you know that these sidekicks will be there to save the day.


Green Chutney

green chutney in a white bowl
Source: punampaul.com

Still don’t know the difference between Dhaniya & Pudina. All I know is that every desi thing tastes 100x better when eaten with homemade green chutney!

Pakode? mmm. Roti & Sabzi? mmm. Rajma Rice? mmm. Paneer tikka? MMM. Sandwich? mmm. Green chutney is the best sidekick that exists.


Sirke wale pyaaz

pickled onion in a white bowl
Source: yourfoodfantasy.com

Is it only me or do you also go to North Indian resturant and eat sirke wale pyaaz with green chutney while waiting for your order????? And by the time your order comes to your table…. “Bhaiya ye sirke wale pyaaz aur le aao.”



mango pickle served in a bowl
Source: sanjeevkapoor.com

Agar ye photo dekh ke muh mei paani aaya toh you know achaar is not a sidekick, it’s an emotion. Comes in different shapes, sizes, flavors and names, but I love all of them equally. Except karele ka achaar you can go fuck yourself. Also, hishway ke dhaabo ka achaar hits different. *DROOOOLS*



curd in a earthen pot
Source: shrinathdham.com

Dahi aka taste enhancer. It should be criminal to eat Paranthe or Pulao without dahi sorry. And the best part? you can also eat it aise hi.

Dahi is pyaar, dahi is life.


Green Salad

onion, tomato, cucumber cut pieces served in salad
Source: cookifi.com

Salads like Mexican beans, pasta, Cobb with fancy ass dressing and sauces is NOT what we mean by salads. A good healthy  salad with round sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot(maybe), onions and some seasonal veggies topped with nimbu and chat masala assorted assorted in a beautiful plate! Muh mei paani aa gaya soch ke hi.


Leftover chilli flakes and oregano

oregano, chili flakes packets kep on a table
Source: unknown

Ok I know you also have a stash of chilli flakes and oregano which you use while making maggi, pasta and sandwiches. Or experiments ke naam pe kabhi kisi bhi cheez ko Italian recipe banani ho toh bas daal dete hai…. ban gaya Italian.


Tomato Ketchup

tomato ketchup kept in a glass bowl
Source: rakshikajain.com

Tomato ketchup is that friend who’s always there for you no matter how much fun you make of it or take it for granted. But it’s still always there… waiting… in a bottle. You might have replaced it with fancy sauces and dips now, but tomato ketchup is the og sos and it deserves all the love in the world.


Chaat masal and Nimboo

a lemon and catch chaat masal
Source: theindianidiotstaff

Sometimes all you need is nimboo and some chaat masala to make your bland dal roti lit. Name a better duo, I’ll wait.


Sauf with a little mishri

sauf and mishri in a steel bowl with a spoon
Source: scoopwhoop.com

Is it even bahar wala khaana without sauf-mishri closure? And we all know we have to take some of it in a napkin just for the culture !!!


indian food thali with a lot of elements
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No meal is ever truly complete, if any of these sidekicks are not present in our thali.

* licks-fingers *