While watching all those teen high school drama series on Netflix, the only thing that keeps coming to my mind is- ye sab hamare yahan toh nahi hota yaar ! Here are some of the most common differences between American and Indian high school culture.

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Kissing is so casual and normal in high schools abroad. 

Hamare yahan we mostly had those science lab ya basement wali staircase ki stories “ek baar 10th class ka ladka ladki pakde gaye the phir unko school change karna pada tha.” Uss darr se kisi ne try bhi nahi kara.

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Lockers? Sound way too elite!

Hamare yahan to bag me rakha samaan bhi chori ho jata hai.

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Late night house parties?

Umm, the only thing we were allowed to come late from was tuition classes.

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Tbh we never had actual practical approach based assignments. Instead it was always about kaun sabse Zada sparkle pen use kar ke cover ko sabse attractive banega.

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They are like “Mom, I won’t come home tonight, don’t wait up” and their nummy is like “cool.”

Cool?! Hamare yahan agar same cheez bolte the school time mei toh world war 3 hojaata tha. And when did convince our parents, Agli subha ghar pe kya mahol hoga, puri raat usi tension me nikal jaati hai

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Individual benches? Lol. Nahi nahi, aap hume personal space nahi dete, bas ek maha annoying bench partner dete hai.

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We could never have boys dropping us home after school. Pados ki aunty ne shaam ko garden me baith k broadcasting kar deni hai ki ” Sharma ji ki ladki haath se nikal gayi hai, I repeat Sharma ji ki ladki haath se nikal gayi hai.”

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No casuals allowed here, let alone fancy crop tops and ripped jeans. It is all about either suits or skirts – jo ki sports teacher kheench ke niche kar deti thi if above knee level. Casuals peh ne ka sukoon bas birthdays pe milta tha woh bhi bachpan mei.

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Working part-time during school days? lol.

“Yehi din dekhne ke liye bada kiya tha? itne gareeb bhi nahi hum, chup chap padhai karle!”

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These are just a few, but next you go watch another teen drama show, so many more differences will surface up for sure.