The Health Ministry has confirmed that India is in conversation with Russia over the COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V which was earlier launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rajesh Bhushan(Union Health Minister) states, “As far as Sputnik V vaccine is concerned, India and Russia are in communication.” Perhaps, some initial information has been shared.



Well, phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of the vaccine have been completed on August 1, very recently. Researchers from Gamaleya National Institute stated, “All the volunteers are feeling well, no unforeseen or unwanted side effects were observed. The vaccine-induced strong antibody and cellular immune response. Finally, not a single participant of the current clinical trials got infected with Covid-19 after being administered with the vaccine”.

After registering the “world’s first COVID-19 vaccine”, Russia is now in the phase III trial, which involves more than 40,000 people at more than 45 medical centres around Russia, the TASS news agency reported earlier.

Despite all the speculations over its early registration, it does deserve a round of applause for showing us all some ray of hope. Doesn’t it?



The RIA news agency has been having an outburst and said- Russia is planning to produce between 1.5 million and 2 million doses per month of its potential coronavirus vaccine by the year end, adding that the country will gradually ramp up its production to six million doses a month, eventually.

“Certainly, the production of the vaccine is quite a significant issue and they’ve been having few problems. Currently, they are looking for a partnership with India, believing that we are capable of producing the Gamaleya vaccine and it is very important to say that these partnerships to produce the vaccine will enable them to cover the demand that they have,” an official has stated. 



Dubbed as Sputnik V, the vaccine being developed by Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian defence ministry was registered just after less than two months of human testing. The results of initial trials have not been made public yet, but the scientists claim for promising results * fingers crossed *.

But as days pass by, all we get to learn is having patience. I get that everything takes time and all but bas babaji ab jaldi se vaccine de do please, aur wait nahi ho raha hai !