If Bollywood Movies Were Inspired By Pokémon, Result Would Be Hilarious

Pokemon India Bollywood

Bollywood: Pokémon Edition


If you haven’t been living under a massive rock, you would probably know how Pokémon Go has taken over the world in just few days. If you check your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, it’s everywhere. And not just the internet, if you see people running cluelessly while staring at their phones it’s probably because of the Pokémon Go game, which needs the user to go outside and catch pokémon in augmented reality.

The Pokémon Go hasn’t been officially released in Asia yet, but it hasn’t stopped the fans from download the app illegally and going nuts inside and outside of the internet. Well, since, Pokémon has yet again taken over our lives, why not dig a little deeper and see how our world would be if the Pokémon fever persists.


The Face of Bollywood would be insanely hilarious:


Bulbasaur Bhaijaan

Bollywood Pokemon India




Bollywood Pokemon India



Pokemon…. Mil Gaya

Bollywood Pokemon India



Pokemon Of The Year

Bollywood Pokemon India




Charizard 420

Bollywood Pokemon India



Jab We Meowth

Bollywood Pokemon India



Ashiqui 2

Bollywood Pokemon India



I think I really need to uninstall Pokemon Go, it’s taking over my life, HEEEEELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

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