Indian U-20 Football team creates history as they spectacularly beat Argentina by 2-1 in COTIF CUP 2018.

India gained the lead early in the match and continued to dominate the first half like a boss. India got down to 10 men after a red card in the 54th minute. However, it didn’t stop them from getting another goal in 68th minute to get 2-0 lead over Argentina and seal the match. Argentina scored a consolation goal later but India had already created history. For those who missed it, watch the match highlights here.

It comes right after the news of Indian U16 football team beating current Asian champions Iraq. This is a monumental day in Indian football history, and also a big slap in the face of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) who had denied clearance to Indian football from participating in Asian Games last month.

People are obviously ecstatic and can’t appreciating the Indian team.




“This victory will definitely earn Indian Football more respect in the world of football. It opens up a window of opportunity to test ourselves against best in the world on a regular basis,” Pinto said after the match.

Feeling extremely proud. Hope they work even harder because it’s a long way ahead! #BackTheBlue