Life is not a sugar coated sweet ride, it is all about some ups and downs and here are some zindagi ke kuch important sach kyunki yehi baatein toh baad mei kaam aayengi.

  • You are not Rajma Chawal

Not everyone will like you because not everyone has to. Because you are not rajma-chawal! Because even if you were rajma chawal, there will be one unique item who’ll say “but bro kadhi chawal is the best (chal hatt). But what can you do about it? Everyone is entitled to their taste.

In food and in people.


  • Even if you are Rajma Chawal

some like their rajma-chawal with too much tarri, others like it tadke ke bina. My point is, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you or simply doesn’t vibe with you and that’s okay. Because if rajma chawal is who you really are, then you own it and be proud of it. You might not be everyone’s plate of lunch, but the right people will always be happy to eat with you.


  • You are not a mummy either

Let people, however close they are to you, make their own mistakes. Let them go back to their ex for the 358th time. You tried to warn 357 times, didn’t you? So maybe this time let them get burnt. Be there for them with ice and a cold pack but don’t push what you think is right on what they think might be right.

Repeat after me “TUM USKI MUMMY NAHI HO”. Sometimes you’ve got to let people bare the consequences of their actions, tabhi Akal aati hai, Let them fall, let them hurt,

but also help them heal.


  • Rishton ke bhi roop badalte hai.

As you’re reading this, there is something changing in you. As you live through today, you will lose a part of yourself you held on to for too long. By the end of this year, you will not be the same person you were in the beginning. Toh phir baaki sabko kyon iss high pedestal par charha rahe ho? Why are you allowed to “grow” but they are not allowed to “change”? Is it fair to them? Would you let someone else do/say that to you?

No, right? So just let people beeee

  • Rishton ke bhi roop badalte hai (2)

Your 3rd class vaali best friend will not stay the same (lucky if they do) she is going to live her life, make her mistakes and there is nothing much you can do about it, but hope that she still comes back home to tell you all about it.

You need your life to be a symbiotic sa, hospitable place that lets everyone be. Because you can give them your dil, property, netflix password, but if they want to leave, they will.



And 2020 has been the poster child for this bitter truth. Just these two words put together hold so much weight. And yet we do everything in our power to fight it. Kyon bhai? Why waste your energy and exhaust your resources trying to fight and cuss and tackle something that does not give 2 shits about you?

And the universe has too many people to fix and problems to take care of, it can’t ALWAYS make your struggles easy (Not everything is always about you). Stop being Itna selfish. So the next time something bad happens, think of it this way it means the universe is trying to do right by somebody else.


  • You are what you consume

You don’t just consume food and water. You consume content and information. Habits and ideas. Make sure you surround yourself with things and people that make you feel healthy- physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and every other-alloy. Because your diet is not just the food you eat and the salads you make. It is also the pages you follow, the people you meet.

Abhi acha khaaoge, toh baad mei sukhi rahoge


  • Sometimes you can’t change shit

Tbh you can’t really even change everything. If your partner does not like The Office, no amount of memes or anything can make them like it. All you can do is change your partner. (seriously don’t stay with anyone who didn’t like The Office.)

What I am trying to say is everyone has different types of life ki wiring, somethings suit them and some doesn’t. You cannot change everything around you because even though it might feel like the universe revolves around you when you are in your peak self-love mode, it doesn’t. So rather than making the universe revolve around you, you learn to fit in with the stars. Not asking you to make any compromises but just saying har choti badi cheez ko reform nahi kiya jaa sakta.


  • Don’t overthink about things you have no control over.

Padhai kar sakte ho, karo. Pyaar milna hoga mil jayega. Oh also, Padhai >> Pyaar. Because your padhai will help you get a job that helps you pay for the Rado ki gaddi. Pappu ke pas tha MBA, tabhi Woh kar raha tha France mei holiday.

Also padhai karli, mohabbat karli, fir bhi lecturer ne dhang ke marks nahi diya. Thoda sa curse karo and move on, agle paper mei itni mehnat karo ki majboor hi ho jaaye marks dene mel.

Nahi toh recall once again. SHIT HAPPENS.