Following massive success of Jiya Jaye, Palesh Sen, lead singer of the Indian pop band ‘Euphoria’ is back with another short film – Iktarfa and it’s taking the internet by a friggin’ storm.


Euphoria also recently released the official music video for their latest song ‘Iktarfa’ which is the official soundtrack of the short film by the same name. Directed by Palash Sen, Iktarfa features Kinshuk Sen, along with Pavitra Mattoo in lead roles. it’s a classic story of unrequited love that will give you just as many feels as smiles.


In times of unnecessary remakes and remixes, it’s rare to find an Indian band creating songs as beautiful as this one.

You can watch its music video on Youtube.

Just as you might expect, the internet is also floored by their new song. Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about it.

But that’s not it, the short film has also managed to spark hilarious reactions on social media.





The short film has a very simplistic plot. The protagonist (Kinshuk) is in love with a runaway bride, who, apparently, does not reciprocate the feelings. The simpleton is, in fact, the third wheel in the girl’s love story with another guy. But does the destiny have different plans for these two? Is Kinshuk’s love actually one-sided?

You can also watch the short film on Youtube.

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