Those were the days of downloading .mp3 version of songs from the internet and locking the playlist in a folder only to listen to these few songs on repeat. So refreshing the nostalgia, back with part 2 of iconic songs that we all grew up listening to.


Made in India by Alisha Chinai

Alag level nostalgia attached to this song. Bachpan mei I used to think it was a patriotic song or something lol.

“Raat aur din mujhe pyaar koi karne waala, bas ek dil Chahiye that’s made in India”

Same. Is that too much to ask for?


Chandu Ke Chacha by Aasma

Came out in early 2000’s and it’s STILL an A+ source of instant dopamine with that “get up.. get up and dance!” intro. Why do I still remember the lyrics & the dance steps?!

“ChachiNeChachakoMaara Chaamat, one! two! three! four! chacha gaya on the floor!”


Tinka Tinka by Alisha Chinoy

Lesser known fact: this song can magically make you feel butter.

Also, how old were you when you found out it’s actually “Zarra Zarra” as in particle, and not “Zara Zara”?


Woh Chali by Bombay Vikings

Stumbled upon this song recently after ages and may or may not have gotten a little emotional. Bombay Vikings were the SHIZ! English part b jaa ke samjh aaya lol. (Continues to loudly sing “Family family” instead of “Finally Finally”)

This song is pyaar.

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Hum Naye Geet Sunaye by VIVA

Major channel V vibes! Pop music scene peaked in India with VIVA’s Hum Naye Geet Sunaye, and it still sounds SO, SO GOOD! this song was way ahead of its time!

Kahan gayab hogye ye log?


Yaad Piya Ki by Falguni Pathak

No remix can even come closer to this gem! I’m pretty sure all you lovely falguni fans have tried and copied the steps once at least.

Also, as a child, I was always confused between Falguni Pathak and Kiran Bedi :S)


Aankho mein by Aryans

We can never thank Aryans enough for giving us Shahid Kapoor and this payara sa, innocent sa romantic song. Listening to this will definitely make you miss your school days in when crushes were exciting because it was all new and you were hopeful.


Deewane by Shweta Shetty

“Khidakee peh aao na, bahar na jau Kaise me sare din ghar me bitau”

Wow, Shweta Shetty knew about our lifestyle back then. With a deep husky and earthy voice, this  lady was a pleasant surprise for the Hindi pop scene, and she created this masterpiece that never fails to make my day!


Teri Toh, Teri Tah by Bombay Rockers

This song was the shiz then. This song is the shiz now. This song is gonna be the shiz 10 years from now. This song doesn’t age and it’s a fact. Anyway, brb, I’mma gonna play this song and scream “TERI TOH, TERI TAH, HUMESHA YAAD SATAVE!”

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