We have all been on the sides of some of these iconic rivalries in our life and enjoyed the takkar ka muqabla they gave each other.

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Iconic Pen-fight Rivalry

Montex Mercury vs Reynolds Racer Gel: Two 10 rupees wale gel pen battling it up on worn-out, old school desks.

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Rivalry of Geniuses

Sherlock vs Moriarty: Two absolute geniuses trying to outwit their archenemy. Would love to see the game afoot one for time.

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Iconic Pizza Rivalry

Pizza Hut vs Domino’s : Who’s your fighter?#TeamDominosForGarlicBread&TeamPizzaHutForPizza

pizza slice
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Iconic Basketball Rivalry

Kasauli Tigers vs Pandavas : Greatest of all time

a basketball court with players from two different teams signified by red and yellow jersey
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Greatest Music Rivalry

Pink Band vs Fire n Ice: Only the reals remember this greatest music rivalry for our generation.

members of two music bands standing together in a poster of the show dhoom machao dhoom
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Iconic WWE Rivalry

John Cena vs Randy Orton: Ok, have so many great WWE rivalries. The Rock vs Stone Cold, Undertaker vs Triple H, etc.

randy orton and john cena in a wrestling ring with the refree
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Iconic Cricket Rivalry

Sachin vs Akhtar: Golden times

shaib akhtar and sachin tendulkar holding a bat in the cricket field
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Iconic Video Game Rivalry

Paul vs King: If somebody picks Paul, you have to either pick Law or King. That’s the rule.

a snapshot from the video king, paul and king in position to fight

Best rivalry in a recent show

Vijay Singh vs Waseem Khan: Ek barood, dusra chingari! The two baahubali’s go head-to-head to take over Purvanchal.

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So, whose side are you on ?