Ice creams are one true love OG deserts and here are some Ice creams that will make you go “bachpan ki yaad aa rahi hai”.


Orange Bar


Orange Bar followed up with orange tongue. Show me a better duo, i’ll wait! More like OG Bar?


McDonald’s softie


Kitne bhi tum apne fancy sandals ya cones kha lo, jo pyaar McDonald’s ki sasti softie khaane mei hai, woh aur kisi mei nahi!

Paddle Pop

Paddle Pop, the fancy, aesthetic, rainbow like ice cream that everyone wanted to eat because it was the trendy shizz. But honestly tho, it was actually pretty fucking tasty. Especially Jiggly Jelly ooooof.






Remember that kulfi wala bhaiya who would come every evening in Summers with that desi roulette game thingie. You could win upto 5 kulfis in 3 rupees? Winning a free kulfi was a level of Khushi unmatched!


Icecream Sandwich


*Chef kiss* ice cream *chef kiss* sandwich *chef kiss* is the *chef kiss* BEST *chef kiss* DAMN *chef kiss* ICE CREAM *chef kiss* Period.


Fruit Chill


The only thing that made school tolerable was Fruit Chill!!! 10 mein a whole ass variety of lemon, orange, kya kya. And, not to forget, hum toh wrapper tak chaba jaate tha. (Obv, before COVID-19 all of us were khatron ke khiladi) But ok. Good memories.


Mango Milk Icecream


Mango doodh/duuuuude! If you’ve had this ice-cream, you had an a+ childhood.




Chuski, Ice Gola, Ice Cuski, Baraf Ka Gola – naam anek, pyaar ek. Your OG street version of ice-cream that would color your tongue and your heart. Kaafi unhygienic, but did we care? noooooooope. #Kaalakhatta4Lyf


Vanilla, Strawberry icecream


And Shaadi wale free vanilla and strawberry icecream cups hit different.

A major part of our childhood (and adulthood).