Trailer for How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is here and it’s the final movie in the trilogy. Or “The Epic Conclusion,” as the trailer calls it.

The trailer introduces us to a grown-up Hiccup who’s rocking the beard look. He’s the chief commander of his Utopian Dragon village (where humans and dragons live in peace). As the trailer progress, he is soon tested by a man, who’s down to destroy everything he loves until he hunts down his pet Dragon – Night Fury.

Meanwhile, we are also introduced to Toothless’s lady counterpart – “Light Fury.” It shocks everyone because people thought Toothless was the last of his kind.

Toothless is instantly smitten as he realizes she could be his potential girlfriend. He tries to impress her with… what’s that, buddy? dragon mating dance?

Sorry Toothless, but I don’t think Hiccup is the right person to give you how-to-impress-a-girl advice.

Tbh, I love How To Train Your Dragon movies. Although, second part was a bit on the down side but I’m still excited for this “epic conclusion. How To Train Your Dragon 3 hits the theaters next year, so we have a lot of time to prepare. *adds it to the list of movies I’m excited for*