The first season of Hostages had the audience under the spell with its gripping story-line and with the release of its trailer of Season 2 it definitely has struck the right chord to make us wait for this interesting final release.

Don’t believe? Watch out on your own.


A quick recap of Season 1

The first season of Hostages told the story of Prithvi Singh (Mr. Bajaj gone rogue xD) who held Dr. Mira and her family as hostages in their own house because Mira was assigned to perform a surgery on CM Handa & Prithvi had plans to assassinate him due to some personal reasons!

For the most part, the first season was impressive! At least it started off that way. Loved the thrilling story line, but tbh the plot twists after a point felt a wee bit forced but koi na, Ronit Roy was there to cover it all up with his charm.


What does the trailer of Season 2 say?

Buuuuut going by the new trailer, they have now completely turned the tables with the plot (feels inspired by Money Heist though. Am I complaining? of course not, any sort of Money Heist is a 10/10 hit), and with the introduction of so many new characters and bigger budget, I’m sure it will be the edge-of-seat thriller it was in the beginning of season 1.


Aaaaaand here’s the most exciting part. We also have Dino Morea making a comeback as desi John Wick / Jon Snow (ok sorry, not gonna lie but it was the first thought that popped up while watching the trailer).


Plot is great and all, but it’s the powerhouse of a talented cast – Divya Dutta, Dino Morea, Shibani Dandekar, Ronit Roy, etc. They’ll obviously make it worth it 🙂

Binge on season 1 already if you haven’t on Disney+Hotstar before the season 2 releases on September 9th.