On its 12th day, Avengers: Infinity War has broken the record to become the highest grossing Hollywood movie of all time in India.

Avangers Infinity War Memes

After such a massive response by audience for Avengers: Infinity War, it’s been proved that Indians will turn up in the cinema if the movie is worth it, regardless if it’s Bollywood or Hollywood. The best part of Marvel India’s success is that it will encourage big Hollywood production houses to target Indian audience more to increase international collections.

It’s also clear from the numbers that Indian audience is gradually choosing Hollywood movies more often over Bollywood movies. It’s probably because of the deteriorating quality of Bollywood movies coupled with the exposure to the pop culture. Thanks, internet.

Here are the 20 highest grossing Hollywood movies in India of all time.

20. Black Panther: 71 crore

Black panther hilarious reactions

Black Panther performed unexpectedly good given it’s an origin story with no pre-hype. The global hype on the internet helped its growth in India during its 2nd week.

19. Spider-man Homecoming: 73 crore

I’m pretty sure Marvel India would be disappointed by these numbers given Spiderman is the most popular Superhero in India. But it’s probably three different iterations that hurt the collections. But now it’s safe to say Spiderman sequel will collect double of what Homecoming did.

18. Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation: 73 crore

Mission Impossible has always had a huge fan base in India. People here love Tom Cruise pulling insane stunts and numbers prove it.

17. Thor Ragnarok: 74 crore

The light hearted tone plus excellent marketing by Marvel helped Thor franchise to sky-rocket in India. Ragnarok collected double of what both its predecessors did.

16. Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle: 75 crore

Jumanji welcome tot he jungle

Jumanji is a hugely popular movie in India, and so is Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It’s no surprise it did good in India. But given the worldwide collection, the studio would be a tiny bit disappointed.

15. The Avengers: 76 crore

The Avengers

The first time superheros got together to defend the Earth. This movie blew up worldwide.

14. Captain America – Civil War: 81 crore

With a huge cast at its back and yet another excellently market movie by Marvel India, it’s no surprise Civil War collected more than 80 crores.

13. Iron Man 3: 81 crore

Iron Man 3

Yet another Marvel genius pulling audiences to the big screen in India.

12. Titanic: 84 crore

84 crores is HUGE given the time when the movie was released. No wonder Titanic is considered a classic.

11. Life of Pi: 88 crore

Life of pi

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan starring in a big budget Hollywood movie probably helped pulling audiences to the big screen.

10. The Amazing Spider-Man: 96 crore

As mentioned before, spiderman is the most popular superhero in India. Although the second iteration did a lot better than the third one.

9. 2012: 102 crore


A high budget apocalyptic movie that came out the year Mayans predicted Earth was gonna end. The movie was also dubbed in Hindi which gave it more attraction. It’s true that no one likes apocalyptic movies more than Indian audience.

8. Spider-Man 3: 108 crore

The final movie to the first spiderman franchise pulled a huge crowd and set a box office record in its time.

7. Avengers – Age of Ultron: 111 crore

Avengers coming on the big screen for the second time. It was a sure shot box office success and Marvel India’s marketing made sure.

6. The Fate of The Furious: 127 crore

Fast and Furious franchise has one of the biggest fanbase right in India. High speed cars, action set pieces, excellent star cast, perfect soundtrack. Although Paul Walker wasn’t around for this movie, but it still worked up more than 120 crores at the box office.

5. Avatar: 145 crore

Avatar still holds the highest grossing movie of all time record at the worldwide box office. It’s a James Cameroon larger than life masterpiece that deserved the number one spot. But not for long, Infinity War is closing in on it quickly.

4. Jurassic World: 152 crore

highest opening day collection of hollywood movies India

Indians love Dinosaur movies. Jurassic park, Godzilla or whatever, Indians are always up for the adventure. This Jurassic Park reboot promised an epic adventure and it surely pulled audiences to the big screen.

3. Furious 7: 172 crore

highest opening day collection of hollywood movies India

Furious 7 came out just after Paul Walker tragically died. Everyone paid their tribute by watching him on the big screen one last time.

2. The Jungle Book: 258 crore

highest opening day collection of hollywood movies India

This live action adaptation of The Jungle Book was excellently marketed by Disney India. The dubbed Hindi version featured a lot of famous Indian actors which helped the movie appeal to the mainstream audience. Plus, what kinda kid doesn’t love seeing live action animals in 3D?

1. Avengers – Infinity War: 259 crore

Avangers Infinity War Memes

It’s only been two weeks and Avengers: Infinity War has broken the record to become the highest grossing Hollywood film in India. It’s still going strong at the box office and its expected to cross 350 crores, which will be an extraordinary achievement for a Hollywood movie. If there’s a movie that can break the record of Infinity War, it’s Marvel itself with Avengers 4 scheduled to release next year.

The next time w are going to see a pivotal change in the list is when Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom and Mission Impossible come out in the summer. We’ll update the list.

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