There are movies you could effortlessly watch without having to divide your left and right eye between the screen and subtitles. Hence, catch these amazing Hollywood films that have been dubbed in Hindi and are for free on MX Player!



This movie is based around a lifeguard and his team busting a drug racket. They try their best to unravel the truth. This movie has Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra and Zac Efron. A cast that could literally melt our phone screens.


XXX- Return of Xander Cage:

If you have already forgotten, let us remind you that our very own bolly diva Deepika Padukone marked her debut in Hollywood with this movie. It is the third installment to the Triple X movies and the action is pretty good.


Transformers- The Last Knight:

Apne sibling ke saath Transformers nahi dekha toh kya dekha? I know y’all have watched most movies in English but your young siblings might be missing out on so much. Uske liye, English is almost like how French is to you.


G.I Joe- Retaliation:

Declared traitors by Zartan, the Joes have no place to go so they come back to General Colton, their original leader. This movie is thrilling, has good action and the adventure keeps you on your toes.


Spiderman Homecoming:

Did you take your little brother to watch it last year and he kept nudging you all through it to ask what did Spidey say? We know. Abhi chote bhai ko lejaao and Mx player pe Hindi dubbed chalaao. Yes, be the good older sibling.



Baby Driver:

This heist movie is such a cool watch. With Ansel Elgort hitting the accelerator and playing songs on his earphones, the SFX is one to look out for. It also has received an Academy award for best sound design. I legit wanted to be as cool as Baby Driver’s character in this movie when I first watched it.


Blade Runner 2049:

This movie is just a treat to our eyes. Based in a timeline that connects itself to the Blade Runner of 1982, a police officer is in search of a former blade runner. It received 2 Oscars for best cinematography and VFX. Also, it stars Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto.



Train to Busan:

This uh-mazing movie is considered one of the Korean classics. A man and his daughter to a train ride to Busan to meet the later’s mother, turns into a horrifying ride as zombies take over all the cities the train stops at. Busan is the only place that is safe and they have to somehow reach that city safely. This movie is all about family, bonds between strangers, wrath, love, loss and zombies. Lots of zombies.


What are you still waiting for? Go catch these on MX Player for free!