It’s high time we talk about the ‘elephant in the room’, the Coronavirus which has become the centre of attention all over and let’s face it, we’re scared as sh*t!


How Did It Start?

A government lockdown had to be forced in the Chinese city of Wuhan after a fatal viral outbreak which has killed more than 80 people and under 8000 are reported to be infected by it! 


Chinese viral outbreak
Via: The New York Times

Under 2000 hospitals are built to curb the infection and are kept under quarantine!

Sounds something straight from a Hollywood apocalyptic sci-fi? Well, it’s real!

chinese hospitals under quarantine
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Interesting fact: Coronavirus belongs to a family of viruses, some of which are responsible for as common as a disease like cold to as severe as a disease like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

On 7th January, Chinese authorities found a novel Coronavirus which hadn’t been previously found in humans! It is been referred to as novel Coronavirus as it’s brand new, never found before and thus, no particular name yet.

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The virus looks like a solar corona, under an electron microscope, hence called the Coronavirus.
These are believed to be transmitted from animals, the source of which is believed to be a sea-food market in Wuhan which also happens to sell wild animals.
Damn, doomsday is no joke after all!


Listen carefully folks, for the disease is contagious and China is not that far!
JK Lol.
Symptoms of infection include fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Symptoms of Coronavirus
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Sounds pretty normal, who knows could be the next Black Death (which wiped half the population of Europe!)

Anyway, the incubation period i.e the time the Coronvirus takes to breed is still unknown, although some sources suggest that it is more or less than 2 weeks.

More than 10 countries are infected by the virus, even if at a minor level, the number is sure alarming!

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Infected countries are already prepping for the safe evacuation of their consulates and citizens in China.

Where Does India Stand In This mayhem?

To be noted, around 25 civilians are still struck in China including 20 students from Kerala and no efforts of evacuation has been made so far.
At least none that came to knowledge, maybe our PM might once again be going for a secret mission, like say surgical strike?

Via: The Indian Express

Anyway, another important detail, around 100 people are kept under observation in Kerala and Maharashtra.
According to the Union Health Minister Mr Harsh Vardhan, 1 case has been detected in India so far.

And the standard ‘protocol’ that are always brought to effect in every emergency, a 24-hour operational call centre has been set up.
Although it being ‘operational’ is still under questions!

Is It An Intentionally Deployed Population Control Strategy?

This whole fiasco took a rather amusing turn when the news of the possibility of this virus being a population control strategy, leaked!
Now your life seems like a Hollywood movie lol?

Anyway, jokes apart, the issue caught attention when a pattern of similarity was seen amongst those who died of the disease.
They were said to have underlined conditions like:
they were frail and vulnerable to kidney and heart diseases, a popular euphemism for a weak immune system.

Now I know, it’s not a surprise there, but check this one out, the virus mostly affects old and genetically weak people, it’s a brand new virus which never found before and it breaks in the world’s most populated country! Coincidence?
Call me paranoid but something just doesn’t add up!


Hate to break it to you but there isn’t any treatment of the disease yet!
On top of that, it is scarier than previous similar outbreaks because it’s a brand new virus and it’s difficult to predict the behaviour.
All I can say is, stay safe people and try to avoid any international trip you might be keen on taking for your Instagram!
‘Cuz Zindagi Rahi Toh Show-off Karte Rahoge!