Being the movie fanatic that we all are, Bollywood has set some crazy expectation for us in life. Here is us doing a reality check and bringing up some major difference between Bollywood life ad real life.

Happy ending


I think in the back of our head, we all have that stupid movie fantasy where we randomly bump into our ex years later at a quaint cafe and have the most romantic reunion. And suddenly You feel the sparks, that connection and realise how you two meant to be together all this time after all. Yeahh noo. SNAP OUT OF IT YOU DUMB BICH, Kuch kuch hota hai thodi chal rahi hai jo 8 saal baad Summer Camp mei miloge aur basket ball khelte khelte vapi pyaar ho jaayega. When life gives you an Aman, accept it. Don’t keep pining for that Rahul. Let go FFS


No one is coming to fix you


We don’t admit this to ourselves, but Bollywood has us thinking that one day we’d meet someone who’d finally fix us and complete us in ways that we didn’t even know was possible. Nahi dost, no Tara is coming to fix you or save you, it’s not their responsibility everybody has their own shit to deal with. You have to be your own Tara.




Unlike Bollywood characters, people can’t actually read your mind. Just because they know you more than other people doesn’t mean they’ll magically know you’re going through some shit because ain’t no diya gonna go off, or aarti ki thaali gon’ fall down to show them you’re upset. You have to just communicate, tell them how you’re feeling. Using words. I know it sounds too simple and basic, but I also know how DIFFICULT it can be for people to express sometimes. But you gotta do it. Just tell them what’s up. That will solve so many unnecessary problems in your life I promise.


Bumping into “The One”


Ahhhhh, the most popular one. You’ll randomly bump into the love of your life on a rainy day at a railway station like Ted Mosby and instantly feel the sparks right there at the moment… and you’ll just know. That’s TM-too much – side effects of watching these shows & movies. You’re not gonna bump into a stranger on your solo trip and instantly fall in love. Life chal rahi hai, koi Tamasha nahi.

Besides, You’re too awkward to start a conversation w people you already know, strangers se ghanta baat karenge. Chup chap dating app download karlo.


Sometimes things don’t work out


Sometimes you’ll meet the right person, you’ll say the right things, you’ll do the right things, and you’ll even have amazing times but things still won’t exactly pan out as you hoped they would and that is completely, totally okay. Does it suck? absolutely. But is it okay? also absolutely. Just life being life. The sooner you learn that, the better you’ll ge at handling those situations.

Life hai, Bollywood film nai. Kabhi Kabhi Simran nahi palategi, tumhara Bunny wapas nahi aayega, and Aisha will forget you exist.




Life is not like 500 Days of Summer where’d you sit down on a bench with your ex months from now and have a post breakup heart to heart conversation which will answer all your questions and you’ll know exactly what happened and in that moment you’ll find closure. Mmmhmm noooo. More often than not, you don’t get a “closure.” Because they can’t offer you any. It comes from within. By forgiving them & yourself. Don’t wait for it 🙂


Love is not all dramatic


Oof yeh toh sabse bada scam hai. Contrary to what Bollywood has been feeding since childhood, I’m no expert, but love is definitely not supposed to be all dramatic and shit. You don’t have to go through struggles and make Thousands of sacrifices to make it all worth it. “Jab tak struggle na ho, dukh dard na ho, drama na ho, woh pyaar kahan hota hai?” usko toxicity kehte hai uncle. In the wise words of Ron Swanson, don’t mistake drama for love. VERY IMPORTANT



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