The world is on house arrest and every organization has shut down, the economy is taking a hit aur sab dukhi hai LEKIN, ek hai jo bohot khush hai, jiska element of sadism is about to 100, yes the nature.

While we are shut in the four walls, nature is replenishing, and animals are finally free. Here are 9 stories that will make your day in this gloom of quarantine.


Source: Swarajya

River Ganga’s water quality has improved so that it is even fit for DRINKING. Yes you heard that right. Scientists claim that there is substantial improvement in the quality. Since industrial waste is 0 and no one is taking a dip or dumping waste in it, Fish aur marine life bhi dikhne lagi hai. The lockdown has done what ‘Namami Gange’ couldn’t do in years. Even River Yamuna has amazed inhabitants by its sparkling water. So the next time you visit a river think of how nature has blessed us AGAIN.



Source: Deccan Herald

Air quality has significantly improved. Yes this one’s a little obvious, because everyone is stuck inside, well the ones who contribute to the pollution are. Around 51 percent nitrogen oxide levels and 32 percent carbon dioxide levels have dropped during March 22-23 as compared to March 21. Over 90 Indian cities also recorded minimal air pollution. AQI bhi green dikhane laga hai, stars dikhne lage hai. This seems temporary according to experts but kuch din ke liye hi sahi, hava to saaf hui. Saas lelo friends.


Turtles have come out to beaches to rest and chill, yes you heard it right. Odisha saw around 8 lakh Olive Ridley turtles coming out of the ocean. According to experts six crore eggs will be laid this year. Nearly 100 critically endangered seat turtles hatched on a deserted beach in Brazil as well. In Thailand, a rare sight of turtles building nests was also spotted. Turtles to bhai party karrhe hai. Full on.



Earth’s crust is vibrating less as human activity falls during lockdown according to scientists. Seismometers are recording decreased noise, and that decrement has allowed the detection of smaller earthquakes which wouldn’t have been detected otherwise.



Source: Firstpost

Super Pink Moon was visible across several parts of India, and it was one of the biggest full moon of 2020. So like, the night sky has lit up, to video call pe saath mei tare aur chand dekh lena, agar koi hai dekhne ke liye. Nahi to akela insaan shaktimaan.



Greenhouse gases are plummeting since carbon emissions are on an all time low. Yes, this is some good news. With dramatic reductions in car traffic and commercial flights. Some are even estimating that the world could see the largest drop in emissions in the LAST CENTURY. World estimates have put global emissions dropping around 4 percent. Reports also suggest that coronavirus could trigger an even bigger fall since the world war two.



Source: Classic FM

Waterways have cleared up in Italy’s Venice since the boat traffic has significantly reduced. The swans have returned to the water and the fish is visible. This is surely some silver lining, isn’t it?



Source: Indian Express

Lions in South Africa took a nap in national park’s road during lockdown. The authorities stated that the sight isn’t visible to tourists and the big cats usually rest in the bushes due to the traffic, this being a first. Kaafi smart hai bhai lions bhi.



Source: The Sun

Dozens of Elephants set free of wooden chairs on their backs as tourism drops in Thailand. Well, this was much needed, enough of exploitation of wild animals for entertainment. Authorities have stated that they don’t intent to put the metal chairs back on the elephants and let them roam freely in the campus; even when the park re opens for tourists.

And since we’re talking about animals, think about the various camel or horse or elephant rides you took for “fun”. Don’t you think zoos in India should be closed down and we should establish a new culture where agar tumhe animals dekhne hai to tum cage mei band hoke jao. Ye kahan ka insaaf hai ki kisiko apne hi ghar mei band karke rakha hai.


Noise pollution significantly drops along with air pollution and gives animals rare break from the cacophony of traffic and other noises. According to WHO, noise pollution accounts for the loss of 1.6 million healthy years of life. Quieter animals like whales and birds have already started benefitting from the reduction. This is greater good, no? toh ab jab lockdown khule to music blast karte hue apne gaadi ke sheeshe band karlena.



The Earth’s ozone layer happens to self heal itself as pollution and activity drops. The decrease in the concentration of ozone gas is leading to the heal. Researchers also note that the ozone layer can make FULL RECOVERY. So when the lockdown gets over, do we get a healed planet?



Source: BBC News

People saw a kangaroo on the streets of Adelaide. This is again one of the rarest sights; with no tourists and fewer people on the road, animals are back to claiming what they were deprived off, a free space to walk around. The kangaroo also escaped a car but damn what a sight. The visual is a testimony to the flourishing of wildlife after the bushfires.


So, now that this has been proved that what we cried and cribbed about our entire lives has been solved by just sitting home. So, plis stick your ass at home and hum toh de he rahe hai entertainment.