If you thought only the admins of dank pages got booked for offensive social media posts, you couldn’t be more wrong. Jodhpur court recently directed police to file an FIR against Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya for his “offensive” tweet against B.R Ambedkar.

This decision by the court comes as a response to a petition by DR Meghwal, who thought Hardik Pandya’s tweet about BR Ambedkar was “offensive and hurt the sentiment of his people.”

Here is the tweet by Hardik Pandya which hurt the sentiment of “his people”

Hardik Pandya tweet on BR Ambedkar


Now, if you think this whole thing is unnecessary and waste of resources, here comes the interesting part. *drum rolls* The alleged tweet was actually posted by a parody account on Twitter. The official twitter handle of Hardik Pandya is @hardikpandya7.

“We are yet to receive the orders of the court and once we get it, I will be in a position to comment,” A police officer in Jaipur told NDTV. “Further action will be taken according to law,” he added.

Glad to see Indian judiciary has their priority sorted.