Happiness isn’t just a shot of dopamine, scientifically speaking. It is not even just a feeling. For some it is something that they aim in life. For some, it is something they accidentally stumble upon. We dont know what happiness is for you, but we listed out things that made us really happy. Hope our thoughts resonate!



This beautiful show about a small village, a frustrated government employee and endearing villagers is so full of heart, it should be a criminal offense to not watch it!


Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill:

This comedy special is a dose of nostalgia you didn’t know that you needed. There might be a dull joke but there is hardly a dull moment.

If you are not enjoying his hilarious antics, you have something to look forward to the next “goal for life on the letter. It’s structured so meticulously, you hardly notice it has a structure – It’s a smooth ride from start to finish!



This story of a stalker and her wild misadventures is perhaps one of the best and most original Indian comedies out there. Sumukhi Suresh’s comedy is the need of the hour.


Queer Eye:

Four fabulous gay men bring their fabulous gay energies to help people improve their clothes, their hair, their homes, their personalities, their hearts and their lives. This is one of the best reality shows out there, because it consistently chooses to be about living and loving.


Andaz Apna Apna

Two good-for-nothing loafers embark on a quest to get rich quick. It is the staple Indian comedy done absolutely perfectly. Re-watches highly advised.


Tanmay Bhat’s Videos:

From roasting Indian media to reacting to pop culture, Tanmay Bhat’s vlogs are full of memorable laugh-out-loud moments, What is even better is that he also calls other comedians to raise money for relief funds!


Tidying Up with Marie Kondo:

With her simple 4 step approach, Marie Kondo helps people remove unnecessary things that don’t spark Joy form their homes and minds. The simplicity of her methods and way of looking at life is undeniably inspiring.



Here’s a story of four boys who have nothing in life – no money, no hope, no ambition and no scope. Only the desire to get rich quick with their so called superpower of predicting the lottery. If not for the boys, watch this movie for their villain – Richa Chadha as Bholi Punjaban. Her comic timing hit it right out of the park.


Dil Dhadakne Do:

Ten days of family time might not be as exciting as it sounds, even if it’s on a luxurious cruise on the Mediterranean. Lies, resentment and grudge slip out from under the rugs and wreak havoc for the Mehras. It only takes a chaotic “lockdown” for them to find happiness in the little things – love and connection.


If you liked the list, what are you waiting for? Go watch ’em all out.