“Parents need to be more accepting of who their kids are and less concerned about what society thinks they need to be.”


We mostly know him as the guy from How I Met Your Mother who made us laugh for roughly 9 years until the writers decided to break eggs on his character development in the series finale (full rant here). But Little do you guys know, he has quite a dramatic range. He played a weird boyfriend in one of the most twisted movie thriller of all time, yes, Gone Girl. He has also starred in American Horror Story: Freak Show and he didn’t miss the bull’s eye. But it doesn’t end there, acting is only one of the many talents he has worked on over the years.

His unique style of hosting live events has earned him a name in that forte and as a result he has hosted 4 Tonys, 2 Emmy’s and 1 Oscars.

We all know Barney loved magic, but it’s not limited to his character. He loves magic in real life and considers himself an amateur magician. He Has performed magic tricks on shows like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres.


And it doesn’t end just there, if he were a country, we could easily make NPH’s Got Talent show starring NPH. (business idea! *opens journal*)


One of greatest moments of his life, he admitted, is from his 40th birthday. Which actually isn’t exactly a moment because well, the scavenger hunt lasted for a week and took 8 months to plan. All thanks to his life partner David Burtka. (I’m a straight guy but damn, where can I get a David Burtka?)



5 Quick random facts about him


1) He maintains a twitter account @NPHfoodporn where he posts all the meals he eats everyday.

2) He has been given a free life time supply of Red Bull energy drinks because of the free advertisement he has given to the product.

3) While playing Barney Stinson, his suits were tailored specially and he took a bunch of them home after filming the series finale. (Good thing he can bring the suits back once I get super rich and decide to film the finale again)

4)  His favorite books are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And Bridge to Terabithia.

5) In 2010, Time Magazine named Neil one of their 100 Most Influential People in the World.


His life as Barney Stinson


Neil played the iconic character of Barney Stinson for over 9 years. He played it so well that almost everyone recognizes him as the hilarious womanizer full of quotable one-liners Barney Stinson. He turned out to be the most loved character on the show and when asked about it he replied, “well, he’s the most extreme character on the show. So, it’s probably easier to write big punch lines for him. The writers can set up a situation that’s more human and then have everyone comment on it. So, when you have a character like Barney in that mix. He’s going to say the most overt and extreme response. So, in turn, that gets the most reaction.” When asked about how he felt when people recognized him as Stinson more often, he said, “Yah, I’m getting a fair amount of those recently, actually. It’s kind of nice. I went to the Magic Castle, this private club here in LA the other day. I got a lot of Barney’s, high fives and suit ups. So, it’s odd to walk around and have people assume you are the character and not the person.”


Bonus: Life Lessons from Barney Stinson.