Halal Love Story is the new Malayalam movie which came out on Amazon Prime Video on 15th October. And after a string of some very good South Indian movie offerings, this was also one to watch out for- especially for its different storyline.

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It’s about a group of people who decide to make a “Halal” film.

Halal as in something which “confirms to the given guidelines of their religious organization.” They wanted to do something different and make a pure film – unlike the usual string of commercial ones made all the time.

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This film’s topic only tells how sub-conventional the idea behind it is. To take upon a topic of some people conforming to certain norms of their religious organizations and wanting to make a difference through making a film is what makes this all the more watchable.

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A film that takes the path of humor to speak about the conventions and taboos that certain organisations have for the world and how they expect everyone to conform to those. It’s an eye-opener in so many ways as the journey of the film shows even the characters had moments where they start understanding the reality and how not everything can be conventional to be halal or haram cuz of some people’s guidelines.

The world is free to live in, and celebrate.

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All the actors in it are at par excellence with their performances.

Indrajeet, Joju, and Grace are the star performers here. They legit cease your heart with their authentic acting. Some moments make you feel so close to tearing up- that’s how real and moving this movie is. Parvathy’s cameo was a blast of surprise yet made one feel all the more good.

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Kudos to filmmaker Zakariya for making a wholesome film around topics no one touches upon- how a regressive and religious group thinks about the world. How they think of changing it w their beliefs yet stumble upon meanings of life that change their world.

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The untouched & unique narrative does feel a lil off in places and becomes preachy but the humor and punchlines keep the tempo intact. The pace does deter when the characters start understanding the reality and it becomes a tad emotional- but as a whole, it’s worth a watch.

The cinematography and visuals make the film a visual treat. Especially the fact that they make a movie in a movie is always beautiful to see. It feels so real & raw as you see them in motion- trying to understand the complexities of making a film yet understanding what lies at the heart of the film is suddenly blurring.

It’s a film that will kinda change the way you see the world, legit!