Zoya Akhtar is a film-making genius and she’s done it yet again with Gully Boy. I think most people will agree that it’s one of the best films to have come out of Bollywood in a very, very long time. Coupled with the performances of Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in lead role, this coming-of-age story set in Mumbai revolves around believing in your dreams regardless of where you come from.


Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti deserve a special kind of appreciation for writing the dialogues for this bahot hi hard film because honestly, there are just too many memorable scenes, for instance, when Murad is sitting alone in the car on New Year’s night writing “Apna time aayega.” Or when he tells his father “Koi aur mujhey btayega mera aukaat kya hai?” Here are some of my favorites ones that gave me all kinds of feels.


When Murad goes to Moeen Bhai for help and he breaks down.



When Muraad breaks up with Safeena. This scene hurt me more than my own break up lol.


When his father asks him to align his dream with his reality.


Definitely the best scene of the film. Never getting over this.


When Safeena gifts him her iPad. I may or may not have cried.


This scene hit me right in the feels. BAHOT ZYADA HARD HIT HUA.


Zoya and Reema, you mad geniuses. This dialogue is a masterpiece.


Can’t have a post on Gully Boy without MC Sher, right?


And this beautiful scene. Much needed. Thank you.


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