Green Day is back with a “BANG BANG”


Merry effing Christmas, y’all! After dropping their trilogy iUno! iDos! iTre! back in 2012, Green Day went into a long hiatus of four years, but halle-effing-lulah! Green Day has finally come back from the dead with a Bang Bang.

On 1st August Green Day’s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong revealed their upcoming single “Bang Bang” on Instagram.


They released the artwork of Bang Bang later that week. Billie Joe Armstrong capped the hashtag #RevRad in one of his promotional posts on Instagram which led to the speculation of their new album name, which is now officially confirmed to be Revolution Radio which comes out on 7th October, 2016

new album and song revolution radio bang bang green daySource: Green Day Authority

One of the radio DJs heard it first and he reviewed it,

So if you are a fan of the early, punky Green Day, you will LOVE the new song Bang, Bang.  And when I say early, think Dookie, but not “When I come Around” Dookie, but more “Welcome To Paradise”, “Burnout” & “Chump” Dookie…With hints of Kerplunk & the rawness of 39 Smooth.  I’m excited for the #AltFamily to hear this one!”


Green Day’s fanbase in India has continuously increased since their trilogy in 2012, and Green Day’s Revolution Radio can hopefully give it a boost and its tour can land them right in India. INDIAN FANS WILL DIE OF EXCITEMENT IF THAT HAPPENS!!!!!


And now the time has finally come, the song just aired everywhere in the world (7:30 pm Indian Standard Time) and it definitely sounds like old school Green Day!


You can listen to the song with lyrics here:

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