The Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Thawar Chand Gehlot on 27th August 2020 launched ‘KIRAN’, a toll- free helpline number (1800-500-0019) for mental health, open 24*7. This took place in regard to the ongoing Covid that has led to rise in several mental health related problems. 


While it seems more people are becoming comfortable talking about personal mental health diagnosis, much of society still remains uncomfortable discussing it. So here’s a much needed initiative taken by the centre.

 Objective of launching ‘KIRAN’

  • This was launched by the Central Government of India which aims to provide first aid for all the people having mental issues, support for the early screening, distress management, psychological support, preventing deviant behaviors, mental well-being, and psychological crisis management, among others.
  • It’s main deficit is to resolve problems faced by people with anxiety, depression, stress, panic attack, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, mental health emergency, and pandemic induced psychological issues.


About KIRAN Helpline Number:

  • It will be available in 13 different languages, for a variety of people with different backgrounds to approach.
  • It will be supported and monitored by 660 volunteer clinical/rehabilitation psychologists and 668 volunteer psychiatrists.
  • Mainly, it does not move around just one individual person. But will provide support to all the NGOs, family, parent associations, rehabilitation institutes, professional associations, hospitals, or anyone in need, specifically of mental support in our country.


How can you reach KIRAN-

  • Dial on this number 1800-599-0019 from any mobile or landline of any possible network from any part of India. (Do not add any code in the start)
  • After the initial welcome message, select any language preferably by clicking on the number.
  • After language selection, they’ll direct you to choose from which region you belong to, after choosing that-
  • You will get connected to the Helpline Center of that specified place. The Mental health expert will help to resolve the issue or if not, refer/connect to external help.
  • The Composite Regional Centres (CRCs) involving and helplines include-

Ahmedabad, Sundernagar, Guwahati, Davanagere, Nellore, Rajnandgaon, Srinagar, Kozhikode, A&N Islands, Bhopal, Tripura, Nagpur, Gorakhpur and Lucknow.

  • National Institutes (NIs) included are-

Sehore, Delhi, Chennai, Secunderabad, Dehradun, Mumbai and Cuttack.

  • Regional Centers (RCs) included are-

Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata are involved as Helping Centers in this helpline.


Thawar Chand Gehlot also stated that people suffering from any mental issues always had to approach the medical institutions firstly, but now first line counselling at home would be available. Also they’ve tried their best to get the doctors reciprocating in the regional language preferred.

This is indeed a great initiative taken up, hoping for the best and people to find help they had been looking for.