Festive season hai, ye self-benefit vaale gifts siblings ko deke khud ka benefit bhi kar sakte hain.

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Thodi is Respect!

Taaki woh yeh din kabhi na bhoole. “Aap” kar ke bula dena, ya unke opinion ko thodi si value de dena. And then agle 10 saal tak yahi yaad dilaate rehna as a gift. 🙂

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Subscription to a streaming service

Are you also tired of your sibling taking a sneak peek into all the weird shit you watch all night? Unko apna subscription I now dilo do and now you can watch Too Hot To Handle without being judged :))))

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Smart TV (or convince parents)

Ab woh smart nahi hai, TV toh smart dilwa do diwali pe. Then lifetime subscription to no kich-kich and no cricket 24×7. Apne room se door rakhne ki ninja technique. One Plus ki festive sale bhi lagi hui hai..

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Phone ka charger

SO.THAT. THEY. STOP. USING.YOURS. Mujhe nahi sun na kiske phone Mei jaada kam battery hai, apna charger le aur nikal le yahan se.

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New Headphones

So that they stop playing their music out loud… saara din shor macha ke rakha hota hai. Apne earphones lagao aur doosron ko shaanti se jeene do. Your music is your music, none of my music.

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Journal or a whiteboard

Taaki they can keep all the records of things you made them do and all favors you owe them, instead of reminding you of them all when you ask for a glass of water.

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A fancy si ring light or phone tripod

Enough of, sun meri ek photo kheech de na, is angle se nahi, aise neeche side se click krni hai. Behen hu, human tripod thode na hu.

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Universal Divider

Phir woh khaana ho, ya bistar, a device that will accurately divide the thing in two with no bias so neither of you can complain “Oye, tune zyada liya hai!” (also a bonus gift for parents, kyunki unka major sir dard kam hoga)

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Arrange a date for them with your single friend

Waise toh unhe koi milne nahi wala, tum hi set karwa do, meanwhile you’ll get more sibling free time ghar pe. Aish hi aish, aur unko kya hi pata chalega.