To talk more under this month’s topic of gender equality, we thought we could throw som light on how gender roles pare made to play a significant part in aspirations and professions. With #VoiceOfArt initiated by @vivelbyitc here’s a look at 2020 bhi khatam hone wala hai, gender roles on aspirations kab khatam honge??

an image describing the wage gap between men and women, presented under voice of art by vivel by itc
Source: vivelbyitc

“I want to be an entrepreneur”

For guys: wow kya baat hai, bade hoke business man banoge. very good beta!

For girls: 0 ohhh, you want to be a business ma woman. I mean, woman. There’s a lot of risk in business beta, phirse soch lo.


“I want to be a teacher”

For girls: waah bahut badiya, most secure job hai, time se free hoke ghar bhi jaldi aajaogi!

For guys: teacher? matlab lecturer na college mei?


“I want to be a pilot!”

For guys: kya baat hai, captain sahab bulana start karde abhi???

For girls: Air Hostess na? sahi hai sahi hai, thode se timing odd hote hai bas


“I want to be a nurse”

For girls: That’s so nice beta, hamara bhi injection lagaoge matlab? hahaha

For guys: beta usko doctor bolte hai


“I want to be a cricketer”

For guys: oho oho virat kohli banoge ya sachin tendulkar?

For girls: oho oho female virat kohli banoge ya female sachin tendulkar


“I want to be an engineer”

For guys: IIT jaane ka plan hai matlab? very proud of you!

For girls: engineering toh theek hai beta, but teaching line ka bahut scope hai. NETS toh deke dekh lo ek baar


“I want to be a chef!”

For guys: wow, cooking artist banega humara beta

For girls: chalo sahi hai, khana banana seekh legi, shaadi ke time dikkat nahi aayega haha

an image showing an art depicting everyone in different professions, and with text : rock and ross, not gender role for voice of art by vivel by itc and the indian idiot

Admit it: Roles are important in life. Spring roll, egg roll, kathi roll, paneer tikka rol- (ok i’m craving roll now) but NOT gender roles. Especially when it comes to aspirations and professions.

It’s 2020, everyone should be able to choose and pursue what they want to regardless of their gender! Adults who say things like these not only reinforce the 1970’s ke gender roles, but also butcher the self confidence of a person and make them go into a hyperloop of self-doubt about their own decisions.

You should talk about these things with your parents. Have those uncomfortable conversations, hum nahi sikhayenge toh kaun sikhayega?