“I’ll be there for you…..  bhai bas aagya 5 minute ruk ja aur. 

I’ll be there for you….   bhai, akele akele? party kidhur?

I’ll be a dost to you, because you are a dost to me too.

  D.E.S.I  F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Fun Fact: People without friends are more likely to die earlier in their life than people who do. It’s true, really, science ki kasam. But you know how hard it is to be friends with Indians. Every single cell in your body will change but “Party kab de raha hai bhai?” won’t. You can literally tell them you lost your job and you’re midway into depression and they will tell you, “Sahi hai bhai, teri toh life set hai“. From dropping aur bata bombs to spamming the whatsApp groups, all your friends are simply annoying but once you grow up, it’s those very things you miss the most about friends. So cherish those annoying antics while they last,

and some of those antics are here wrapped up in these 27 hilarious tweets:


Because every friend is kamina

Pen friend to pen-drive friend

That’s even written in the bro code

If I fail, so do my friends

We both the friends are indecisive af

The unwritten rule of friendship

Just throw the remote controller at their face and leave

Haha, long time no se- favor

Evolution of friendship

“Bhai mai hoon na bhai”

Just Desi Indian Things

Never let it go to aur bata

Can we turn back time, to the good old days?

*after a week* bas ghar ke bahar hoon

They also say they’d get ready in 2 mins, but take 10 mins

Living the extremes

With great aux cord, comes great responsibility

Bros before….girlfriends

We all have that one friend

The meaning of friendship, everyone

Every birthday phone call with friend ever!

Mai nahi khel raha

We make plans but never meet, true, true

Every friend group has that one person

If you tell them, you’re dead

You don’t need those friends in your life

Most of my facebook friends


Say what you will, but the truth is that we need all those kinds of friends in our lives, because without them and their stupidity, our life will be pretty bland. As Airtel rightly said, “Kyunki har ek friend zaruri hota hai.”

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