If you’re looking to start a TV show, here’s a list for you filled with shows ranging from drama to comedy but all of these reflecting on some important aspect of life.

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a still from the tv show atypical
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A show about people on the autistic spectrum which reminds us how much we take for granted. Characters are quite rounded and the plot is self-explanatory. And because it surrounds high school, to relate level to high hai hi.

Learning points: relationships and complications, challenges of autism.


Please Like Me

a still from the tv show please like me
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This is one of the shows you NEVER want to press the ‘skip intro’ button on. Three friends getting bored together is so authentic and relatable with their random conversations and dating complexity. Kaafi wholesome. This show tackles (a lot of) issues so nicely ki pta hi nahi lagtakitna kuchh seekh gaye.

Learning points: Mental health issues (TW: depression & anxiety), struggles of dating as a queer person.


The Good Place

a still from the tv show a good place
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It’s a theological drama with characters living the afterlife having hilarious backstories of their deaths. The four protagonists are fighting demons and crossing dimensions of the good place, the bad place, and everything in between, aaki marne ke baad bhi jee sake in. This show will definitely make you a more grateful person.

Learning points: humanity-theology debate, the grey in between the good and the bad.


Sex Education

a still from the tv show sex education
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There are so many high-school dramas on TV these days but Sex Education on Netflix is definitely superior! probably the best out there. It offers an honest take on a wide range of issues related to sex, bullying, relationships, and high school in general. It may or may not make you cry at so many places. Watch it if you haven’t!

Learning points: Sex, Insecurities, relationships, bullying, peer pressure, teen-pregnancy, etc.


One day at a time

a still from the tv show one day at a time
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Kaafi zyada light-hearted nok-jhok wali family ke bare mein hai ye show but still deals with a lot of social issues. Abuela, played by the glorious Rita Moreno, steals the show in my personal opinion.

Learning points: Sexism, alcohol addiction, racism, immigration, and gender identity. (sure looks heavy but does all this while being one of the funniest shows ever)

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I am not okay with this

a still from the tv show i am not okay with this
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The protagonist is basically Matilda but instead of eyes, her heightened sense is thoughts. While it isn’t exactly a psycho thriller, kuch point pe thoda gore ho sakta hai. An amazing narrative to support the plot which is pretty dense.

Learning points: An overwhelming power, importance of friendships.


Brooklyn Nine Nine

a still from the tv show brooklyn nine nine
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One of the funniest, wholesome shows that will have you actually laughing out loud but it also always tries to educate on social issues in a fun, digestible way. Absolutely love the writers for writing such progressive, diverse characters! (not underrated but can’t make this list without it)

Learning points: thoda thoda sab kuch

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Kim’s Convenience

a still from the tv show kim's convenience
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While in all honesty, this is not as informative as the others, it’s really funny and promotes different values across various disciplines in life. Kiryane ki dukaan pe show ka naam and uske around story hai, aur cutie parents’ representation ke bonus points.

Learning points: complicated relationships, casual racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Binging and life lessons, a wholesome package indeed in all these shows !