Friends has given us goals for many things from friendships to relationships, but what would it look like if they all gave us some of their special love advice? Well, we have got that for you.




You can feel like you’re ‘hopeless, awkward and desperate for love’ and that no one is going to date you for more than few days other than your toxic ex [machine gun like laughter]

But, you still don’t have to change a thing about yourself- because someone will come in your life unexpectedly, who will laugh at your jokes before you and love you anyway!




No matter how weird or crazy you think you are, there’s always someone who’s just as weird and crazy as you out there for you! 🙂 Plan a future with someone, only if they’re on the same boat as you, or else take the high road that might end up in a heartbreak-but at least it would be a good journey alone, rather than being alone together.

And when you finally settle down with someone, someone who truly loves you and respect you for who you are-You’ll be a winner at love and be treated like a princess-Or, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!




Even if every year brings you a new heartbreak (or divorce), don’t give up on the idea of love. No matter how unlovable you feel at times, just know it exists for you too! Keep finding and meeting new people.

You never know that someone who broke your heart earlier, might be the one who is going to fix it again. But most importantly, never sleep with someone else when you guys are on a break!




Keep your relationship lowkey and date in private until you’re sure about it. Find someone who isn’t necessarily perfect, but someone who has flaws and isn’t shy to open up to you about them. Someone who sees all your insecurities and flaws but still considers themselves as the luckiest person to have you.

Most importantly, someone who knows all the seven spots!




Never lose yourself in the process of loving someone, so that even if your love life screws you up – you’re able to look your best and fashionably perfect, the next morning after the breakup, And also so that you are able to go on a solo honeymoon vacation!

Most importantly-potential love is everywhere if you look for it, like in your building, in your office, in the coffee shop or even in your past. Just keep your heart open and you’d find your lobster 🙂




Sometimes it might feel like literally everyone is magically finding the right people and falling in love except you. But that’s okay. Because you still have a spin-off series that awaits you! (i mean, othere’s high chance it’ll suck but that’s not the point. Point is, picture abhi baaki hai dost)

But most importantly, boyfriend and girlfriend will come and go but friendship is forever. Phoebe said it, Joey proved it.




Apne aansuon ko coffee mei mila ke mast pee jao.

Just gonna watch random episodes of the show on loop and thinkover inme se konsi advice kaam aa sakti hai life mein :))