2020 has been one crazy ride so far but within just blink of an eye we have reached October and staying at home, there are a lot of things that have changed in our lifestyle. Here is just a friendly reminder to do these simple things in October.

in photo balcony of a home with many plants
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Spend time with yourself

Forgetting your deadlines, assignments, entrance exams, friend se ladai, pyar mei dhokha for a moment and just sitting comfortably by your balcony sipping on coffee/chai as you see the sun go down. Bas.


Treat Yourself

Finally ordering that certain something that’s been sitting sad in your cart for ages. Getting it delivered in a gift wrap cuz ye taufa humne apne aap ko diya hai.


Get back to Cartoons

Watching those silly old cartoons we used to watch as kids to make you forget about made-up adult worries for a bit. One episode a day keeps your worries away! Works like magic.

Talk to Friends

Remembering that one solid irl friendship is better than hundreds of lil friendships online. vDon’t forget to actually spend time with your girl friends. Video call them or some shit. Play games, whatever. DM’s pe logo se baat baad mei kar lena.


Mindful Scrolling

Not comparing yourself to others. Because life hai, competition nahi. If you see people your age achieving shit online, thoda smile kardo unke liye.

Once you start being genuinely happy for other people, it’s a game changer. If anything, you can learn from them. Start being conscious about these things while scrolling on social media.

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FINALLY picking up the book you bought josh josh mei at the book fair or borrowed from your friend, but never got around reading it cuz attention span gold fish jaisa hai. Padhlo. 15 mins a day. Bahot accha feel hoga.

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Take care of Physical Health

Itna kuch kar rahe ho toh thoda regularly physical workout bhi karlo. If there’s one really cool solution to better your mental health, it is your physical health. 15 mins a day. Bas.


Appreciate More

Be a little more appreciative. You know that friend who is always there for you? I know you already appreciate their presence in your life, but go out of your way to tell them. Use words. Tell them you’re grateful. Or even in general. If you like someone’s work, tell them that. Vaise hi kaafi sad scene hai aajkal, but you can try to make your corner of the world a lil brighter.

Not that it’s the purpose, but you’ll also actually feel butter by doing this:)