Life get’s a bit ore exciting when we have friends who always have some drama going on in their life, here’s one for those friends who do all these things and now is there time to go get themselves enrolled for Biggg Boss.


Kehdiya na, bas kehdiya.

Whatever such people say is pathaar ki lakeer, bhaisahab. So what if whatever they’re saying doesn’t actually make sense, bhai ne bola sahi toh sahi. Bas. Chup hojao.

You can give them a whole book of points as to what they’re saying is incorrect par nahi nahi, jo wo bolte hai wo fact hota hai. Aise dosto ko bolo Bigg Boss mei jaaye pls.

Bina baat ke ladai karni hai

Yaaaaar life me kuch interesting nahi horaha, drama chahiye, aaj isse lad leti hu. These are the top tier and favorite people of big boss, the entire show is based on baseless fights anyway.

Agar aise shauk hai tumhare dost ke toh unko bolo why not do something you like and make money out of it. Bigg Boss ke liye apply karo.


People who change colors faster than they breathe.

Aise logo ke liye ek alag section hona chahiye big boss me. And we all have met such people once in our life who always change colors. They will say something in front of you and won’t mind saying the exact opposite in front of someone else. Matlab these are the ones who can beat 50 shades of gray, ye hote hai faber castle ka supreme color palette!

Skin thicker than sardiyon ke kambal

People who literally don’t give a shit what other people think and say about them. Aag lage basti mei, wo apni alag mast mei then this is the place to showcase their subtle art of not giving a fk.

Unko sign up karwao next season ke liye.


If all they do is cancel plans

Gharme rehne ka bohot zyada shokh hai na aise logo ko so why not put them into a luxury house with a group of strangers? 3 mahine ka ghar me rehne ka bandobast done.

Trust me next time se plans to cancel nahi karenge.

They love being in front of the camera

We all have such friends who will always be like aar ek photo le na, yaar ek aur, oh ek bina chashme ke, ek last yaar, bas bhai bas ek boomerang aur.

Haaanji aise logo keliye hi hai ye, they deserve to live in a house with 24/7 camera surveillance. They’ve earned it.


Monika, but on steroids

It breaks my heart to use Monica’s reference but no one beats the queen when it comes to bossing people around. If all your friend does is boss you around, has everything planned, loves being controlling, is the kitchen queen/king and loves to clean, you can definitely send them to big boss. Either they’ll end up cleaning and maintaining the entire place or they’ll give up and learn to live in garbage like you.

Manipulation is an art, they’re the artist

Manipulation is an art, an art required to win this shit ass game. If your friend has this quality that they can manipulate you into doing things that you would never do in other circumstances, please inko bhejo udhar.

Aur savdhan raho, satark raho.


If they worship Selmon bhai

If your friend loves salman khan, the big boss house is like a mandir for such bhakts. Not only you get to see him every week but you get to be personally trolled by him. But most importantly, why are you friends w them ????

Bas tell these friends ki next season mei jaane ki taiyaari shuru kar dein.