Parasite’s Oscar win has opened a door for a lot of foreign films to finally rise and shine. And we know you prefer watching Hindi and English movies the most but trust us, you would not want to miss out on these gems.


Portrait of a Lady on Fire (France):


2 women facing each other from Portrait Of A Lady On Fire
Movie: Portrait Of A Lady On Fire.

This movie just came out last year and oh my goodness! The story revolves around a painter who falls in love with the woman she is supposed to paint. The characters in this movie are so well crafted and beautiful that you just cannot move your eyes off them.


Amelie (France):


a girl talking on the phone
Movie: Amélie

This movie is quirky and funny and gives you such Fleabag vibes that you will love it. The main character being Amelie is a girl who finds happiness in making others feel happy. One day, when she falls in love…she has a weird realization. Also, the cinematography is so unique and good. The unique thing about this film is it does not feel foreign as it is very close to our hearts.


Train to Busan (South Korea):


bloodied man standing in a train
Movie: Train to Busan

This movie is based around a zombie apocalypse and is one of the best zombie movies ever made. The sequel to this movie is coming out this year too and the trailer is already out. Before it hits the theatre, plis plis watch this movie. The end is way too good.


A Separation (Iran):


a sad man standing on a door
Movie: A Separation

As the name goes, two people are going through a separation and it is one of the most heartbreaking things to watch. This movie is so real, so fkn real..for a moment I felt like I was in the film. Plis watch, the director Asgar Farhadi is a genius.


Grave of the Fireflies (Japan):


a girl standing amidst fireflies in a field
Movie: Grave of the Fireflies

This Studio Ghibli movie is absolutely heartbreaking to watch. Doesn’t matter if you have siblings or not, this movie is definitely going to hit you very very hard.

Rashomon (Japan):


Movie: Rashomon

This movie is considered one the classics in the field of cinema. It came out literally 70 years back but the way the movie has investigated the idea of justice stands unique even today. This movie will to some extent change the way you think!

Roma (Mexico):


a family hugging each other on a beach
Movie: Roma

Having won the Best International Feature film in 2019, this movie looks like it will portray something real serious or dark. But I was genuinely surprised that this movie is full of humour that actually makes you feel happy. The movie does lack a certain depth but is a treat to watch any fkn way!

Y Tu Mamá También (Mexico):


3 people in a car
Movie: Y Tu Mamá También

This coming to age film is one heartwarming watch for sure. We see raging hormones, beautiful friendships and a desire for adulthood. The movie is full of local slangs and you feel connected because you feel like the movie takes you there. Plis to watch!

I Lost My Body (France):


This movie got nominated for Oscars in 2019 and is such a beautiful ride. The movie revolves around a hand that has got separated from a man’s roaming around the city and reminiscing the good days spent around the city by the same man. The plot is full of metaphors and is one to definitely check! One of my favourite foreign films out there.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Taiwan):


two women fighting
Movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I am sure most of you must have caught it on TV in various different dubs that definitely must have spoilt its essence. For max enjoyment, watch/re-watch this movie in Mandarin with English subtitles on. Trust me, you’ll love it.


Pain and Glory (Spain):


two men staring at a mirror
Movie: Pain and Glory

This movie also came out in 2019 and the lead Antonio Banderas has notably such a good job. It also got him a nomination at the Oscars for Best Actor. The colour palette of this movie is so immensely good to the eye. You’ve got to watch this foreign film out to understand.

A Man Called Ove (Sweden):


a grumpy man looking into the camera
Movie: A Man called Ove

This movie revolves around a grumpy old man who have had enough. This movie teaches us all about love, loss and life. It is so beautiful that I legit watched it twice and made my friends watch it too. Sacchi.


If you are still not convinced, just start with Amelie and catch others on the way. These foreign films are worth it and will most definitely make your quarantine time much better.