You can’t stop people from going out, but you can boost your immunity ! So here is a gentle reminder to please improve your food habits, because nobody gives a flying fuck about the virus anymore and things are gonna get worse, this time we’re on our own and our only weapon is our immunity. 



Essential vitamins are those which are not synthesized by our body, so we need regular intake of it through food items. Along with vitamins, we need to make sure that our intake of minerals, zinc, iron, proteins is balanced because our Immune system is based and boosted on the supply of these elements.


Vitamin C

The reason why everyone is recommending this is because it directly helps in production of immune cells needed to make antibodies and fight the pathogen.  Vitamin C is your new best friend. Ok ? Ok. 

Source: Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, amla, and other fruits like kiwi, papaya, strawberries, and also bell peppers, broccoli. 



Vitamin E

It is a really strong antioxidant, helps in the regulation of our immune cells and also takes part in the formation of red blood cells. Ab mujhe vitamin E maangta tha !

Source: Nuts like almonds, walnut, peanuts, green leafy vegetables like spinach, sunflower seeds and vegetable oil.



Vitamin A 

All these colorful vegetables are rich in carotenoids, which is further converted to vitamin A in our body and this holds guard and prevents infection from building up in the first place. It’s magic, it’s magic, howbachubachu mean !

You just have to munch on the right things, baaki kaam body khud hi karleti hai :))

Source: carrots, beetroot, eggs, shakarkandi, kharbooja and grapefruit.



Vitamin D

The “sunshine vitamin” plays a major role in growth by regulating the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus, which we know is so important for our bones. People these days lack this vitamin the most and not many food items can make up for it, so learn from Jaadu and wake up early to get that dhooooooooop !

Source: egg yolk, mushrooms and fortified cereals.



When we catch a cold, zinc intake is like that person in a group project who does a lot of work but someone else takes away the credit. It’s is a micro nutrient but has major functions like activating and repairing some immune cells and also shortening the duration of common cold. 

Source: baked beans, cereals  




The primary function being carrying oxygen to red blood cells, for immunity it helps in the maturation of immune cells and carries out proliferation of pathogens during an infection. Be like Popeye the sailor man !

Source: spinach, broccoli, chickpeas, soybean, quinoa




Everybody gangsta until protein walks in. Our immune system is in need of constant repair and growth, this is assisted by the proteins present in our body. They are the most essential building blocks of some primary immune cells and our body in general. If our body is the lego land then understand that proteins are legos !

Source: all kinds of lentils and legume, milk, eggs, soy and nuts



The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that we get from other food sources like ginger, garlic, haldi, kaali mirch are also needed by our body in trace amounts to boost the immunity by taking part in many primary immune response mechanisms.



Also, please take care of yourself and don’t go out. Your health is your health, nobody else’s health. Take care of it. Especially now more than ever. Pizza and all you can have after sometime. It’s okay !