Going from college life to job life, is a huge instant transformation and here are some things that we realize once we get our first job.


Date pe jane ka budget badh jata hai

Now you don’t have to awkwardly say “hehehe nahi nahi mujhey bhookh nahi hai, i don’t like junk food only hehe” cuz ab you can also order those things you are scared to even pronounce without thinking “oh shit zyada bill aagya toh???” Cabernet Shiraz ki jagah mehngi wine ki bottle manga sakte hai.


“Paise hai mere paas!”

Remember when your mom used to say “Neeche se jaake doodh le aa, paise mere purse se le jaa” but now you can proudly say “paise HAI mere paas.” ooof. the feeling. chills, literal chills.

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Neend ka balidaan dena padega!

Yeh sach hai. Jitni jaldi isse accept kar log.utna hi dukh kam milega. Because exactly friday night ko mujhe message aayega manager ka, “We have a meeting on Monday. Prepare a presentation for the last one cycle.”

Ab bann jao zombie.


First salary se sabke liye gift khareedne padenge, but uski bhi ek alag hi khushi hai.

Saari salary gift khareedne mei chali jayegi. But I cuz you’ll feel really good cuz happiness hits different when you’re able to buy things for your parents with your own money. Because finally you will realize “Ab mai BADA hogya hun.”


All college students suddenly Seem like bacche to you

I mean, you were also in college last year tak but now they all come under “uff ye aajkal ke bacche bhi na because you’re suddenly a working adult. Basically, Rohit Mehra vibes when he gets powers. “Sheh! me baccho se baat nahi karta. Ab meri umar khelne kudne ki nahi, paise kamane ki hai!”

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Value badh jaati hai ghar mei.

Honestly, the best thing after getting a job is, “Ghar mei value badh jaati hai.” You start getting more respect, and get included in serious talks because ab tum officially ek responsible adult ho.


“College hi sahi tha bro”

At this point, you don’t miss the college but you miss the people you met in college. You miss the safety you felt in college. The mistakes you could still afford to make. You miss going late to the lectures. You But let me tell you that, office mei nhi chalta rey yeh sab. Because of the fucking technology, 1 minute late punch kiya

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You can plan that Goa trip with your friends

Ab paisa bhi hai and adult bhi ho, ab toh abba maan jaayengey and you won’t guilty either. Plus, you can hang out with your friends without thinking 100 times before.

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“Matlab ab puri life paise kamane padenge?”

Yeh life ka kadwa satya hai, until and unless koi *21 din mei paise double* karne wali scheme nhi mil jaati.

Matlab full on bhav hi bad jaate hain life ke !