This friendship day, let’s recollect and appreciate some of these amazing and heartwarming fictional friendship duos.

in photo the fictional due of monica and rachel sitting, hugging each other

Sherlock & Watson

in photo the fictional duo of Watson and Sherlock standing and looking straight

Aaah, a friendship that started out as “can you pls stop being so fucking annoying” and turned into a “ly bro but can you pls stop being so fucking annoying” over time.

Just two of them against the whole world. What an iconic gem of a friendship!


Scully & Hitchcock

in photo the fictional duo of scully and hitchcock eating chicken and drinking soft drinks

Jake & Boyle are fine and all, but sorry, Scully and Hitchcock’s friendship hits on a whole different level.

Sometimes I want what Scully and Hitchcock have. A friend who shares exactly the same amount of love for your favorite food, sleep, gossips and lazing around. They finish each other sentences AND sandwiches. And I think that’s beautiful.


Rohit & Jaadu

in photo a still from the movie koi mil gaya and rohit looking ad smiling at jadu

Get yourself a friend who sings you cuteass songs like “Tumhe aankhon mein basaya, Tumhe dil mein bithaya, Koi tumse na lenge kiraya” for you!

Just you, your friend, and a little dhoop!


Jim & Dwight

in photo the fictional duo of dwight and jim sitting on the bed eating ice cream and watching a movie

They have such a “I’m gonna pull pranks on you, make your life hell and publicly admit you’re my worst enemy and I hate you but you’re also my best friend bro ily bro please never leave me bro i hope you know that because I can’t actually say that out loud bro” friendship! also reminds me of Dinesh & Gilfoyle. Same vibes.


Hatim & Hobo

in photo the fictionall due of hati and hobo i their costumes from the show hatim

You say Sam & Frodo, I said Hatim & Hobo! because culture naam ki bhi cheez hoti hai life mei.


Ron & Harry

in photo the fictional duo of harry potter and ron weasly hugging each other and smiling

You know how they say: Friends who fight trolls, fly car, break rules, run away from large ass spiders together, stay together!

A very “it’s friendship but it feels more like a family” kind of friendship.


Leslie & Ann

in photo the fictional due of leslie and ann sitting on a bed and smiling

Leslie & Ann’s friendship is so full of love, care and unlimited cuteness

it makes you just wanna cry a little. Who cares about Valentine’s Day when you have a girl bff to celebrate Galentine’s day with! Remember when Ann ate an entire cheesecake for Lesie when requested it? that’s true friendship.

Monica & Rachel too!


Dustin & Steve

in photo the fctional duo of dustin and steve behind the counter of n ice cream shop

When I think of wholesome friendship, this is literally the first image that comes to my mind. Steve and Dustin fighting wit invisible light sabers! is it even a friendship if yall dont have a specific greeting routine?!


Chandler & Joey and Monica and Rachel

in photo the fictional duo of chandler and joey hugging each other from the show friends

The best of all <3